KPMG - Presentation and Partner Interview


Hi all

Hoping could grab some advice. Im applying for risk consultancy (tech). I’ve got my final stage interview coming up which includes a presentation. It is supposed to be about a company of my choice and have:

A very brief overview of the organisation
How they can expand/further develop their business
The advice that you would give to this organisation to ensure successful development of their business, and why.

Was thinking that I want to stay in an area which I know (I’m an organic chemist). So thought maybe
pharma companies (AstraZeneca etc) but thought would be hard to say
how an already massive company can expand (though got few ideas just bit


Other option is use the company i worked for in the summer (a VERY small biotech company that designs new hi tech products). Pro’s -
there is no way they will have ever have heard of them so can say what I like and
I do know a lot about them because I worked for them (a 2ppl company) for 3 months. Cons - cos they are a small company, no
info on their figures anywhere…

Would be good to hear what people think or any advice in general.




congrats on securing a position in the final interview. if i were you i would choose the latter one. the most important thing is you have worked there so you have a good understanding of their operation. if you worry about the figures, do some logical estimation. i’m pretty sure the interviewer won’t argue with you whether it’s profit is 50k or 50.35k! i believe showing how you think and how you present is what really matters.

hope it helps.



Hey jporcas,

Please i have a couple of questions:

  1. Did they tell you to prepare a presentaion in the invitation email?
  2. Can you give a brief overview of how exactly the interrview went.