KPMG - Pre-Employment loan 2010


Hello all,

has anybody heard anything regarding the 2k loan that kpmg provide before starting?



I’ve applied for it and was told it should be credited to your account around one month before your start date. I’ll be using it to help with bonds and first month’s rent etc.


great, thanks. when’s your start date? it must be creeping up to the 4 week mark?

mine’s 6th sept. it’s just that i applied for it and never heard anything back by way of receipt or update so i was wondering if ud heard anything in between applying and now.

thanks for the response


I haven’t heard anything either, I suppose it’ll just go straight into the account without them notifying you. I’m in audit so not starting until October 4th!


Hi both,

If you have any queries regarding your loan, please feel free to contact the PeopleCentre on

We look forward to you starting!

Best wishes,


hi kpmg,

does the money just appear in my account or will i be e-mailed and notified that it has been transferred into it?

thank you.



Hi Cupid,

I believe it is transferred into your account and you get an email notification, but if you would like to find out more, contact the PeopleCentre on 01923 214 846.

Kind regards,

Emily Poynter