KPMG Post Phone Interview Follow up


It has been nearly four weeks since my initial phone interview for Forensic Tech Associate, and I was told by my interviewer that I would be contacted to set up a second interview within 2 weeks after she passes along my resume. I followed up with my KPMG recruiter at the 3 week mark after sending my initial thank you email of course.
Does KPMG drop condidates from consideration without sending a notification? I am assuming I am still in consideration since I have not received an email stating otherwise.


Sorry about the delay - it shouldn’t have taken this long. You would always receive a notification from us regardless of the result, so if you haven’t heard anything please take it that you are still being considered. If you pass your name / candidate ID number onto me I can follow up.

Thanks, and sorry once again.



No apologies necessary. Thank you for your assistance. I sent you a message with my name and career opportunity code.