Hi guys,

ive just received this email

“Thank you for completing your online tests. We appreciate the time and effort which our candidates put into submitting an application and we are currently reviewing your application. It may therefore take us a few more days before we can get back to you, but we will be in contact again as soon as possible.”

I was wondering if anyone has received this email and then been offered a first interview? or is this ultimately a rejection?

Thanks guys,



I wouldn’t consider this a rejection. You are compared to others who take the online tests (e.g. top 70% go through to the interview stage) so they may be waiting for others to take the test before deciding whether to offer you an interview.



The email you have quoted is an email generated by our system. We just send this to manage your expectations on response time. Everyone who completes the online tests is sent the above email. We will reply shortly to let you know whether you have been successful after online tests.

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