KPMG - Positions Full?


Hi All,

I’ve just received my invite to KPMG’s assessment centre for a management consultancy position. Whilst browsing this forum I’ve discovered other people stating that most of the routes are full. Is this true? I work full time and so really don’t want to have to cause problems in my current work by taking time off for a job that doesn’t exist!


KPMG are pretty sneaky about this - they won’t tell you it’s full until after the AC, as it acts as an incentive for you to switch service lines if you pass. They did this for me (T+R) and I wasn’t happy - i’m not sure if MC is full but I wasn’t allowed to switch to MC so i’m guessing it’s not good news…maybe try calling anonymously and mention you’ve passed the AC and want to know when partner interview is likely to be?


I am in the same position as marello… Has anybody found something out?
Any Idea what positions are still open?


I have just passed the Assessment Day for the Technology Risk Graduate Scheme.

I hope this area is not full! They say they’ll be “in touch soon” regarding a second interview.