KPMG - Positions Are Full, What To Do?


I posted in this forum a few months ago after the rumours started that KPMG management consultancy positions were full. I was invited to the assessment day and passed before Christmas. I’ve been waiting for my Partner interview since then. Today I received an email telling me all the positions had been filled. I’ve been given 3 options. Stay in a pool incase anyone drops out, carry my application through to 2013 (this obviously would be a shame as it means a years delay on getting started), or apply to any other vacancies.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to do? Do the big firms traditionally get a lot of people dropping out? The only other vacancy of vague interest is Risk Consulting but it’s not exactly what I had in mind and I imagine that companies expect you to commit to a department for a good few years?

I’m only through to the first stage of Deloitte as an alternative and I’m concerned the same might happen with them. Can anyone recommend any other companies still accepting applications?

Obviously it goes without saying that I’m really upset/annoyed by this. They’ve said at every step of the process that they wouldn’t be assessing us if there weren’t positions available so to have this happen is such a let down. :0(


Sorry to hear that Marello, and did KPMG ask you to make decision before certain deadline?

The only thing I can think about is if you can ask them to change you to another office for the same service line?

Has kept finger crossing for you, because I am also going to assessment centre next Wednesday, and might need to think the same question as yours. I guessed this will be a hard question for everyone since vacancies are so limited on market. But good luck and do keep going, you will find the place for you soon!


Cheers Rik. I have to chose by 3rd February. The only vacancies that seem available are in Risk which isn’t something I really fancy to be honest, and unfortunately they only offer management consultancy in London.

Sad times :0( I hope you’re going for a different service line and that it’s still available to yoU!