KPMG Phone Interview 2017


Hi all. A lot of attention is paid to the assessment centre, online tests and final interviews, but I thought it would be helpful to gather some useful information and practice questions for the telephone interview. It’s the first time you’ll actually get to talk to them directly, so it’s important to make a good impression.

It lasts about 45 minutes or so, and they’re not likely to try to trip you up with very odd questions. They want to get to know you, get you to elaborate on your CV, and make sure you know the basics. Here are a few questions I’ve come across online, it might be worth making sure you can answer these:

• Why KPMG?
• Why did you apply for this role?
• What are your career aspirations?
• Tell me about a company performing badly at the moment and why that might be.
• What sets KPMG apart from the rest of the big four?
• What’s something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of?
• Give me an example of a time you’ve provided excellent customer service.
• What could KPMG be doing better right now?
• How do you like to keep up-to-date on current affairs?
• How has a recent global event affected KPMG’s business interests?

I hope this was helpful, and do please add your own experiences, research and example answers!