KPMG Phone Interview 2015 - MY EXPERIENCE


Hi guys,
I just finished my phone interview with KPMG. I did pretty bad as I was blubbering and pausing a lot but hey ho, you live and learn!
I just want to post my experience because it’s fresh in my mind in the hope I can help anyone!

My interview was incredibly nice… I actually felt sorry for her for having to interview me. Ha!
The interview itself was very structured and they will explain each competency beforehand and then state what competency they are looking for before the questions.
The competencies they are looking for are all on the email you received when you booked your telephone interview so no surprises there. But I will list them anyway: Delivers Quality, Resilience, Career Motivation, Awareness of Business Opportunities and Makes an Impact.

(Makes an Impact is assessed throughout so there are NO questions under this competency)


  1. Tell me a time when you had to stick to a rigid procedure/process.
    (Lots of probing questions, e.g. How did it make you feel?)
  2. You are engaged in a project which you need to finish it in this week, and a new project which you don’t know much detail about and the deadline is next month. You also have school exams in two months, what would you do?


  1. Tell me a time when you had to do a task in which you did not agree with the objectives/process
    (Once again lots of probing questions, e.g. Did you raise any concerns?)
  2. You are assigned some analysis work by your manager which requires you to collect information and data from various people. You have had lots of problems collecting data and hence this has affected the quality of the work you could have done. Your manager is aware of the issues that you have faced and is happy with the work you have produced given the difficulties. Your manager and yourself are presenting the work you have done to the client who is not very happy with the work. He is picking out points in the analysis that he feels are not up to standard. You feel he is missing the bigger picture of the analysis and focusing too much on minor points. How would you handle the situation in the meeting? What would you want to achieve by the end of the meeting?


  1. Can you tell of a company that is doing bad? List 4 reasons why
    Probe - What reason do you think is the most important? What do you think is the future for this company?
  2. Tell me a time when you delivered excellent customer service


  1. What makes KPMG different from the other Big 4?
  • Why do these fall in line with your own career goals?
  1. Why Audit?
  2. How does audit fall in line with other services? (I completely muffed this question up with a lot of uhm-ing and ah-ing. I thoroughly recommend you know EXACTLY what services they offer)
  3. What commitments would you make to KPMG? (something like that)

& a few others but I cannot remember.

If you need any more information/help, feel free to message and I will do my best to answer :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone


Hi walabibi. Thanks for your post, it is very helpful! I have my interview tomorrow, have you heard back yet?
Also what answer could I give for ‘How does audit fall in line with other services’?


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with us and I think it is great that you have such a positive outlook, regardless of your interview process !



I had my telephone interview last week and very similar to the questions posted above. KPMG sticks to the four key competencies mentioned above (Deliverying Quality, Resilience, Awareness of Business opportunities and Career motivation). I was asked questions like

  • Tell a time you handled a pressurised situation. Follow up question - what will you change in your approach if similar problem occurs in the future?
    *Tell a time when you were very proud of your project.
    *Tell a time for excellently delivering a project to a customer. Follow up Q - What was the impact of your project to the customer?
  • About a business performing badly. I mentioned 4 issues and the lady asked me which one I think the very important one and why. What are the consequences of the business if it continues to perform badly? What business improvements can be made?
  • What do I think about ‘technology’?

I had an opportunity to practice some interviews beforehand with KPMG team( Two days before my interview, I received an email from KPMG with an opportunity to participate in practice interviews as they were training their internal staff). After the practice interviews, I received feedback reg my performance which helped me a lot for the real interview. Some of the feedbacks I received were

*To speak slow/consistent pace
Consise answers - To stick with STAR approach and they are more interested in knowing the ‘Action’ I took than the 'ST’ part for a competency Q.
*If I am talking about a scenario(for eg., strict timeline), it’s better to mention the timescales.
*For questions like what work I am proud of, mentioning ‘Why I am proud’ is important.

They gave some positive feedback/recommendations to build on as well - like how I included facts and statistics in the answers, good research on KPMG and their services, business awareness etc.

Please feel free to message me if you need more info.


Hey! thanks so much this is all so helpful! Do you think they will ask me general questions about the economy etc? I’m fine with most of these questions but wouldn’t be as good at random questions about business…


hi, thanks for the nice sharing! Is that a position for IT consulting that you’ve been interviewed for? I’m about to have a phone interview for IT consulting so i want to know more about it. Did they ask any other questions about technologies or stuffs like that (especially in career motivition part)?


Thank you!


hello everyone, could sb can give me some advice about " How does audit fall in line with other services?" .and are “What commitments would you make to KPMG” and "What commitment do you expect? " the same question?