KPMG phone-interview 2014 intake

Just finished my telephone interview for management consulting intake in 2014.
It lasted for about 40 minutes, and the interviewer was really friendly, but I didn’t do well in the interview.
Anyway, here are the questions, and hope it could help.

  1. a change of task before the deadline
  2. multiple task
  3. Scenario - KPMG requests that documents need to be checked by two other colleagues before it can be seen by your client, and your client come to ask to see your work, which has not been checked by anyone yet. How will you response?
  4. An example deal with an angry client.
  5. An example to meet the deadline.
  6. Scenario - doing a boring work, and is asked to redo it when you are about to finish by your manager. How to response?
  7. A bad company, and four aspects why it performs so bad?
  8. A recent news about a company that faces an issue. Then was asked how to improve.
  9. To meet the client’s expectation.
  10. What have you found about KPMG.
  11. Why this function.
  • compare to other line of service, what’s the difference?
  1. Have you made any efforts to chase your career plan?

Thanks for this ‘xu.chen.7106’

Most Helpful!

thanks, i am about to take it next week, very helpful.

Thank you for sharing! I will have it nest few weeks. Your post is really helpful.


45 min interview
Same questions as on previous posts
If you dont want to browse through all the forums, message me and i will send you the useful stuff from all of the previous forums ( the ones I gathered for myself)

Delivers Quality: TMAT when you completed a project you are most proud of.
Resilience: TMAT you worked in a pressurized environment. What challenges did you face? What would you have done differently?
TMAT when you made extra effort to help a customer.
Tell me about challenges that a company is facing on the GLOBAL level. What is the biggest issue out of this and why?
How is KPMG different from other firms. (no ques about why KPMG)
Why audit?
What will you be doing in your first year?
What will your day to day tasks be?
What is the most boring thing about audit?
You have the following pieces of work to complete:
a. Data analysis due in 1 week
b. A long term project with many component - you are not fully aware of the details on this project yet
c. You have a graduate group project
d. You are also studying for your CIMA
In this situation how would you manage your work load?

Q.2 You are assigned some analysis work by your manger which requires you to collect information and data from various people. You have had lots of problems collecting data and hence this has effected the quality of the work you could have done. Your manager is aware of the issues that you have faced and is happy with the work you have produced given the difficulties.
Your manager and yourself are presenting the work you have done to the client who is not very happy with the work. He is picking out point in the analysis that he feels are not up to standard. You feel he is missing the bigger picture of the analysis and focusing too much on minor points.

How would you handle the situation in the meeting?
What would you want to achieve by the end of the meeting?

Hi I have my telephone interview coming up in a 2 days! Can you please tell me where did you find the rest of the staff as I am having trouble finding it.
Thank you!

Hi I have my telephone interview coming up in a 2 days! Can you please tell me where did you find the rest of the staff as I am having trouble finding it.
Thank you!

Hi elena,

Hope your interview went well. Anything that particularly through you? or were the questions similar to the ones already here

Can you share the stuff of all the previous forums with me? My interview time slot has been rearranged and I am afraid that there is no enough time for me to prepare it. Thank you very much and hope your interview went well. My email address is
Thanks in advance!

I got some really useful information from Wiki jobs which definitely help with my interview process. Now I am sharing my experience hoping to help others as well.
The lady on the phone was really nice and the interview went for 45 minutes. The questions asked are pretty much listed by others.
As far as I can remember:
Why do you choose KPMG?
How is KPMG different from the other Big Four?
Talk about a project that you are proud of. (follow-up questions such as the obstacles)
Example of delivering excellent customer service experience
Example of mutlitaks
Talk about a company not doing so well: problems, how to improve, the effects
Talk about a company doing well: why, what makes it qualify as doing well
These are the questions I can remember.
Good luck everyone.

Hi veronicamn,
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have got a telephone interview coming up with KPMG for audit graduate. I would really appreciate if someone can give me guidance and i will provide feedbacks once i have done my telephone interview.
How is the interview structured? I know KPMG has competency-based interview, how do they ask questions based on each competency? Do they separate out each competency and asks specific questions? Or do they just ask a list of questions and its up to you to fit in each competence?
Many thanks in advance!

Hello Salman,

Thanks a lot for sharing your interview experience here. Could you please send me ( all the useful stuff you gathered from all of the previous forums? How did you do in your telephone interview?

Best regards,

Dear salmansalat, I also applied the graduate programme in 2015. I will attend the telephone interview soon but I still don’t know how to prepare it! :(((. If it is convenient for you could you share some information with me, please? My email address is I will be appreciate it very much! Thank you in advance! :)))

Hi my name is Shahana, can you please send me the questions you gathered on ? My interview is in 2 days. Thanks a lot!

Hello, my name is David can you send me your notes on interview questions as well? … my interview is tomorrow afternoon…Thank you!

Hello Salman,
Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Could you please send me a copy of interview questions as well? Thank you a lots!!!
my email is

MAKING AN IMPACT is assessed throughout. The interview is split into clear sections:


  1. Behavioural: Tell me about a project you have done that you are particularly proud of? Did you face any challenges? Why are you proud of it?
  2. Scenario-based question
  3. Behavioural: Tell me about a time when you had to complete multiple tasks simultaneously to a deadline/complete a project within an unbelievable time scale?
  4. Scenario-based question
  5. Tell me about a company that you don’t think is performing well - 4 distinctive reasons for their failure? Which one is the most significant and why? What opportunities face this company?
  6. Tell me about a time when you provided exceptional customer service? How did the customer respond? Why is excellent customer service important?
  7. What differentiates KPMG from the rest of the Big 4? Which is most important to you?
  8. Why audit? What do you think is the most boring part of Audit?
  9. What will be doing in your first 18 months at KPMG? What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Speak in the 1st person - what specifically did YOU do?
Be prepared for probing questions.
Have at least 2 questions for the interviewer at the end.

Hi, Salmansalat
Thanks for sharing. Could you please send me your interview stuff you gathered? My email address:


hi, Salmansalat Thanks for sharing. Could you please send me your interview stuff you gathered? My email address thanks in advance