kpmg phone interview 2011/12


just had the kpmg phone interview today, the interview lasted an hour long, as far as i could remember, i was asked to give examples of:

  1. meeting special needs of a client
  2. delivering multiple pieces of work at a high quality
  3. dealing with angry client
  4. taking the lead
  5. dealing with boring work
  6. a uk business want to expand operation abroad, what should they consider? how do they monitor the overseas business?
  7. discuss a global business, what problems are they facing? what could they do?
  8. what have you done to learn abt kpmg?
  9. why this programme? what do you think you will be doing? what do you think is the most challenging part?

situational type questions:

  1. The manager has told you from the beginning that every work done have to be reviewed by 2 other people to maintain the quality of the deliverables. You have finished the 1st draft of your work. The client approached you and asks you to see and discuss the results of your work. What will you do?
  2. One of your senior (junior) colleagues who have recently joined the project team that you have been working on was asked to observe you in a presentation that you will be making in front of the clients. During the presentation, the colleague questioned your methodology, what would you do?

good luck!


Have you received feedback after your telephonic interview. And which round it was, first telephonic or second round.


Hi guys,

Does kpmg right now carry out telephone interview? I suppose they only require face-to-face interview. Would you might clear this up if anybody is being prepared for the interview?

finger crossed!


Hi Eileen,

Sorry this reply is pretty late considering I just got an email from KPMG inviting me for a phone interview. So yes, the phone interview is the first round interview that you’ll have to go through should you pass the online tests.

Hope that helps xx