KPMG 'Performance and Technology Rotational Programme'


Hi, guys

I am going to attend an interview for KPMG ‘Performance and Technology Rotational Programme’, which is a graduate vacancy.

Anybody got any experience on this vacancy’s interview? I guess the interview questions would be similar to the ones for Audit and Tax. But I am not very sure as it is a new department, which didn’t exist last year.

Has anybody got interview experience or worked for KPMG’s I.T Advisory last year? Someone said the I.T Advisory had been integrated into ‘Performance and Technology’.

BTW, are KPMG staff still working four days a week?



Interview questions are very similar to audit. If you just read through the descriptions of competencies that you will be assessed on from the KPMG website, as well as those on wikijob forums then you’ll be fine. The “Making an Impact” competency is assessed by how you deliver your answers and how confident you seem.
As always if you just prepare questions and practice answering them you should be fine.


Thank you guru!
Do they still ask questions like ‘what current business news u r interested in’?
I feel difficult on this part. Sometimes the interviewer may change some direction on what i expect.



hey, how did your interview go? Was it competency based? Have you done the AC as well?
I have a first round coming up soon for the Performance & technology advisory. And as you said, since this is a new area in KPMG, I am looking forward to any feedback from the ones who have already done their interviews for this business area. Thanks,


has anyone passed the AC for Performance and Technology Advisory?



Have you done your AC already? Would appreciate if you could give me some pointers on the 1st round interview.



Our Performance and Technology entry route is new this year but is a combination of what was IT Advisory, Corporates and IGH Advisory.

More details can be found on our website:

The competencies assessed will be exactly the same but obviously when it comes to questions around your career motivation we would like to see that you have a strong desire and interest in working in the department to which you have applied.

Thanks, KPMG


Hi Guys,

Has anybody received a formal contract from KPMG for this scheme for 2010 intake?

I received my offer first half of Dec but am yet to receive the contract!!