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I have been researching two technology route available however I am struggling to differentiate them. Could anyone me the difference between Performance and Technology (Technology non-rotational) and Risk and Compliance - Technology programmes? What roles could I perform in either programme? The Graduate Recruitment Team could not answer this question, I hope someone on here has a better insight.

Secondly if I choose the Performance and Technology non rotational programme would I be involved in the services listed here ?



Thank you for your interest in KPMG.

The main difference betweent these two programmes is that:

Risk and Compliance - Technology focuses on the risk with Technology used by our clients and controlling these financial and operational risks.

Performance and Technology (non-rotational) is more in line with improving client’s current technology systems and staying ahead of the game.

The link that you have added in your post is related to experienced hires positions in Performance and Technology rather than graduate positions.

I hope the above answers your queries.

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Thank you for your response, I have decided to apply for Risk and Compliance - Technology. Could you tell me more about what a graduate would do in this field?


For information on what you would do in your 1st year, please visit:

Good luck with your application!



Could you elaborate on what graduates do in IT Assurance? Also I notice there are two route, the ACA and technical, which technical qualification could I study for?


In IT Assurance, key tasks as a trainee include IT systems controls reviews and business process analysis. This initial experience provides an excellent broad foundation of industry and systems knowledge from which to then progress. You will have the opportunity to possibly study for the CIMA qualification which can be discussed in your interview.



As I have previously posted I mentioned that I am interested in the Performance and Technology non rotational programme. The KPMG websites states graduates join the IT Systems Assurance team but is this the same area as the risk and compliance team? Do you mind describing some of the day to day tasks graduates perform in the Technology non-rotational role.




Apologies for the late reply.

The IT Systems Assurance teams are much the same. There is a bit of a cross over in these 2 programmes within this area.

For more information on the day to day tasks of our graduate programmes, please visit There is much information on each graduate programme in what you will be doing in your 1st year.




I am currently researching the Performance and Technology graduate position and have got a few questions. Firstly, is there no possibility of studying for an ACA in the London Rotational programme. I am quite keen to study for an ACA qualification, as I have been told that it is more highly regarded than the CIMA. I was also wondering if you could tell me more about the roles and tasks of the job for a first year associate. I understand a lot of time will be taken up with studying for ACA/CIMA qualifications and I would like to get involved in some of the social societies on offer, but would like to get a better understanding of the position.

Alex Boardman