KPMG partner presentation



for the KPMG partner presentation, are you expected to say which KPMG services could help the firm expand/grow, or give more general strategic advice?

i’m worried about saying what KPMG could do given that they’ll have vastly superior knowledge than me of what services KPMG offer.


check this out.

do not worry too much. whatever you talk about they know more than you do. they just want to see how aware you are of the company and its services. If they ask questions then that’s the point of the interview. the questions should be very straightforward. you need to find a good company to talk about. take pubs of the UK. they are in trouble now. but make sure you do research on them.

good luck


I went for a company that I used to work for, to try and counter-act the fact that the Partner will be vastly more knowledgeable. Whoever you do your presentation on the Partner will ask you questions, one or two of them may be tricky but they are not trying to catch you out - purely looking to see if you have some reasonable business knowledge and can make sound suggestions for improvement. More importantly, you will need to be able to justify your decisions.

And yes, it is very important to suggest where KPMG can help! This is where you demonstrate that you have researched the entire company, not just the service line you have applied for. You don’t need details, just an idea of what services KPMG offers and how they could be of use for the company you present. Again, the Partner isn’t going to try to catch you out!


Yeah absolutely. You don’t need to make it complicated at all. You just need to have a basic understanding of what [[KPMG]] dodes for its clients. For example, [[KPMG]] could provide [[tax]] advice to reduce the company’s tax liability. [[KPMG]] could advice on the state of internal [[control]], or performing a fraud investigation. Lots of things! Doesn’t need to be complicated- don’t choose something obscure - choose something that allows you to work through all the services KPMG offers.

You don’t need to be a partner at [[KPMG]] to figure out what services they offer.