KPMG partner presentation - how in depth is the KPMG-related advice to be?


Hey guys, sorry to almost be going over the same ground again but I want to make sure I nail this presentation after a so-so e-try and group exercise…

Now I’ve got plenty of recommendations for the company I’ve chosen, but I was just wondering how much you detail you need to go into about the services that KPMG provide and that?

For example, one of the problems the company I’ve chosen is that their computer systems could do with a complete re-vamp - I’ve explained the benefits etc of this, but have basically just said “the KPMG IT Advisory team would offer advice and recommendations not only on the implementation of a much improved system, but advice to ensure that IT systems are secure and safe from criminal entry, as well as making sure that business-critical IT systems are available as required.” - basically just lifted from the grad scheme profiles…

Would that be enough when applied to other services KPMG provide, like Tax advice, takeover advice and so on? Or do I need to somehow find more detail than that?



i want to know about it too

can anyone advise?


no harm in adding more detail, it will only make you look better in light of other candidates. look for KPMG IT clients, e.g. tfl, they have an audit report on their site, i think its on the corporate section, look at what kpmg recommended there and use some of the info in your report!


As far as tax goes you can mention reducing the tax burden by reviewing employee reward structures, advising on the tax burden in times of redundancies (this is often misunderstood by companies …I know…I’ve gone through it!) and consider location obviously…

As a note I didn’t really mention KPMG’s input and still passed the presentation…with a 3 in business focus though so scraped it really.

I WOULD recommend saying something obviously but just a bit of reassurance…:slight_smile:


Ok great thanks for that, couldn’t find the TFL recommendations though but I’m sure I’ll be ok with what I’ve got.