KPMG partner presentation - can you use a company you've worked for/are working for?


… as its probably the one that I’d know most about to be able to talk about for ten minutes?


Why not, they want to know how well you can apply your existing skills to the new role. so if you can demonstrate you knew the business aspect of the job, then they might be keen to take you on! Use every advantage you have, i doubt someone else would mention your company better than you, so why not!!!

Rather talk for 10 mins bout something you know other than something you dont!!


It will be of a good advantage to select it, however do run the checks to see if its a client with KPMG - just in case :slight_smile:

However don’t talk to the partner about the business but show your knowledge through ways of improving and advice you will give them. One competency they test in the presentation is the Business Focus so got to show you have understanding of how generally a business works and on the basis of the information you have what is your view on how to improve.



Great… now to find out who audits the company I work for!


They should have their annual report in which they put the auditor’s report. I believe you will normally find it in “About us” section.



which company is this?


A small local company, checked and they are audited by a small Glasgow firm so that’s something at least - now to try and write this presentation…


Hmm I’ve been thinking about this throughout today and think that perhaps my company wouldn’t be particularly suitable - bit small and in the publishing industry so its perhaps a hard one to sell… Is it better (and perhaps easier) to stick with big retailers etc? Most obvious one being M&S, seeing its been announced that their profits have plunged by 30-odd % today… Is this the best way to go then?


well, EVERYONE does big retailers. and the bigger they are, the more the partners will know about them. i think its worthwhile doing a small company, cos it’ll be different; you’ll stand out from the rest and perhaps the partner wont be bored hearing about m&s AGAIN!


Yeah good point that - think I’ll sit down and really think about this tonight properly instead of faffing around.


when’s your ac?


17th, got a bit of time to really put the work in at least!


I was considering doing the same thing, Im working for a food services company, and I would be able to talk for hours about whats worng with their internal procceses and what I would change, question I have is what exactly are the sort of things they are looking for? Would it be ok for me to focus on a particular part of the business to help it run more efficiently, or would I be better off looking at the business as a whole and suggested possible ways to help it expand?

Thanks in advance