KPMG- partner presentation and interview


hey guys, recently passed my KPMG tax first interview and without this website doubt i would have been able to - so thanks for all the gr8 posting!

got a couple of questions

  1. my understanding is the next process is an assessment day with the normal stuff then in addition a presentation and interview with a partner. Wanted to check its definitely an interview and a presentation with the partner

  2. i dont really see what questions in the partner interview they can ask which I havent already been asked in the previous interview?
    Has any1 got any suggestions on how i can prepare, or maybe post up the questions they asked? :slight_smile:



  1. Definately. At least it always has been in the past.
  2. If you’ve prepared for the other interviews, you don’t need to do much more to prepare for the KPMG [[partner interviews]] - it’s just a personality fit- the partner will want to see if you will sit well in the firm. You did all the hard work in your last interview, so it really just comes down to chemistry and whether they like you. It isn’t difficult, just relax and be professional.


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