KPMG partner interview


Hi, I passed the assessment centre back in February and have been waiting for a partner interview slot since then (Audit for Mandarin). I was initially in contact with Diana, Louise and Mathew, however in the last month or so, there has been no correspondence. The las email I received from KPMG was 29May. I was called the other day to say that I would be sent an email on 1July for a slot, but unfortunately no emails yet. I will be out of the country for a month from next Wednesday, it would be helpful to know where I am up to with this application. (ID 604520) Thanks.


Sorry about the delay here. We’ve been bringing through a large number of candidates for final interviews and are working with the interviewing teams to ensure we have enough slots to allocate to everyone. Rest assured we’re working on it. My colleague Louise will be the most likely person to be dealing with the interview currently. Sorry once again for the delay and the inconvenience caused.




Hi, I am in the same exact situation as you! I am also applying for Audit Mandarin and did my assessment centre back in February. I didn’t get any email about getting a slot though, instead I got a phonecall asking about my visa’s expirary date. I emailed the graduate team and drop Sam messages couple of times and the reply are always the same - apologising and that they are working on it. I feel really bad for bugging them :frowning: but I am flying back home very soon so I really do hope I can get some answers soon!


Have you got the job now?