KPMG Partner Interview


Hi All,

So I managed to pass my KPMG AC for the 2014 intake, does anyone have hints and tips re the partner interview?

Specifically, as I have applied for an advisory position, I believe there is a presentation required.

Can someone possibly forward me the details as to what is required for this presentation before hand so that I can get some prep time in.

Thank You!


Hi mastergrad,

Congrats on passing the AC. I have mine coming up this week and was wondering if you could give me details of your AC. Plus any tips would be appreciated.



Congrats mastergrad! How did yours go nightmare? Have you heard back from them yet?

I have mine coming up next Tuesday and they only informed me today! They always give me such a short notice!

Can any of you pleeeeease share some hints and tips on the AC? Thanks!