KPMG Partner Interview Response time



I was wondering how long does it take for Partners to get back to you with a response? Also does the Partner contact you if you are successful and HR contact you if you get rejected or does it vary given peoples experiences?

I interviewed last week and have yet to receive a response. I’m pretty sure it is a rejection but I’ll likely find out either way by end of this week.

Thank you



Can you please tell me what questions were asked in the partner interview? Also why do you think that you’ll get a rejection? Was it that difficult and complex?



Sorry - false alarm. Got the offer.

It wasn’t difficult but the interview didn’t give much away so that made it difficult to tell. They do expect you to be able to think commercially and how the different business areas work together.


I am in the boat now. Who gave you an offer call ?. It has been a week for me, and I think it is the sight of a rejection.