KPMG Partner Interview 2017


After a pretty extensive process, the final hurdle in applying for KPMG is the partner interview (sometimes there’s more than one too). I thought it’d be good to get some discussion on this particular part of the application so we can shed some light on the types of questions they ask and the types of answers they like.

From what I’ve found out, they tend to be quite searching and tough with their questions. They’ll ask about your career motivations (one year, five years, ten years time). There might also be some situational style questions, where you’re given a scenario and asked how you would deal with it. I’ll list a few examples here:

• What are you most proud of?
• Why KPMG and not the other big four?
• Why this role?
• One of your colleagues who started at the same time as you has more interesting work. What do you do?
• How do you think Brexit will impact on KPMG’s business interests?
• What new area do you see expanding in the next years?
• What do you hope to gain from this graduate scheme?

That’s what I’ve found so far – please add anything else you find and can think of here!