KPMG Partner Interview 2015- Audit (and walkthrough)


Hi all,

As everyone always says, wikijobs was my saviour for this whole interview process and I want to help anyone who like me just 24 hours ago is sitting there panicking about their partner interview. I had my partner interview this morning and found out by lunchtime, I can’t say how happy I am!

I wanted to give you guys a bit of a run through.

Telephone Interview
Don’t really remember too much about this one, mainly competencies, business awareness, and why kpmg. A few questions I can remember are: Tell me about a time that something didn’t go to plan? How did you solve the problem?,* ell me about a time when you delivered excellence? Situational: When another graduate has more exciting roles than you, and how I would manage huge amount of information and data for a project, how would I work through it? What makes KPMG different from the other big 4? They really did delve in on this one, make sure you emphasise that KPMG has a culture of people first, things like the Professional Qualifications Team and new investments they’re making. Tell me about a company that’s doing well at the moment? What are the challenges it faces? What difficulties might a company have when wanting to expand internationally? What would be the most important one? sorry I can’t remember a huge amount more.

Assessment Centre

*Main tip, definitely divide it into four headings, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and recommendations. Everyone says it but definitely get recommendations down first. I started writing straight away rather than reading first. As I found points I put them down and then came back to expand on them later. This was SO helpful because it meant you didn’t have to read things twice and immediately began to get a fairly full report.

  • Definitely do the two timed activities first, they will come in fairly quick succession, you WILL have time to do the rest. There is one question where you have to suggest how a company might solve the problem of an overcrowded car park in a town centre, so maybe have some ideas ready for this.
    Role Play
  • Really fun! I definitely panicked a bit too much about the timings, my meeting was over by 10 minutes, you do have enough time to ask everything and more. Make sure you acknowledge the previous issues your team members had straight away. Also they are likely to mention that they are having a meeting with someone about a service that AAA provides, definitely use this opportunity to sell your integrated service! You can offer them solutions for this too.
    Manager Meeting
  • Very relaxed, just be honest.

Partner Interview
So many helpful tips on all of these forums so definitely read as many posts as you can I wasn’t asked a lot of things others were, so do read up! I was so stressed about this part, but immediately my partner made me feel very relaxed
I was initially asked about career motivations, why hadn’t I gone straight into accountancy, and why I wanted to join them now. Where I saw my career going, in 5 years but also in the long term. I was then given two situational questions 1) You’re giving a business presentation to 1st year graduates on bringing in new business, what would you include in the presentation? 2) Again one of your colleagues who started the same time as you got more interesting work, what would you do? Then my business awareness, speaking about a current event in the news, I spoke about the grexit, I was asked what could happen if they leave, how Germany felt, what are my thoughts on Britain leaving the EU. Then it came to my questions for him where I asked about the Mclaren partnership, the impact of audit rotation on the firm and also what he enjoys most about working there.
There was a lot of general chit chat throughout the interview but honestly don’t fret, when you’re in there, as long as you’ve prepped and really know motivations and know your business motivations you will be absolutely FAB! It all flows a lot more smoothly than you might expect!

Any questions feel free to ask!,


Wow Angie, this is so useful! Thanks so much for coming back here with all these tips :smiley:


Hi Angie, thank you very much for the tips! I’ve got my partner interview coming up next week and have a couple of things to ask if you don’t mind:

  • Regarding commercial awareness questions - did the partner bring up any topics himself, or were his questions purely based around the topics you brought up? (For example talking about the grexit - the follow up questions about Germany and the UK leaving the EU - did you mention these?) I’m just wondering quite how extensive my knowledge needs to be so I can carefully choose the topics I bring up and research!
  • Did you find out who the interviewer was in advance of the interview?
  • Did you get asked about the ACA Qualification?

Thank you in advance for any help! Please feel free to private message me, I couldn’t work out how to pm you.



  • Commercial awareness- He asked me about Germany and the UK leaving the EU. To be honest he didn’t delve too deeply into how I responded, he did offer up his thoughts. Don’t stress, just go on things like economia and even just google the questions you’re looking for answers to. I just put in before hand “what will happen if Greece leaves the Eurozone” and so many interesting articles were there! Make sure you really know the impact of your story on the wider economy and who will be effected, both in the UK and internationally and you will be absolutely brilliant. Grexit is a good topic I would say as it’s so relevant with the Euro almost at parity with the dollar so is recent! I had also researched the Tesco audit and oil price drops just in case there was more than one thing brought up!
    -Only found out who my interviewer was when I turned up
    -No questions on the ACA qualification, but I know others who have been asked how they think they’ll cope with work/study, what the structure is etc. but just have a quick glance on these and it will be more than enough information.

I can’t emphasise enough how stressed I was before the interview but as soon as you’re in there it is very relaxed, and if you’ve done your prep it will really show. There was no grilling, it just really enabled me to carry a business related conversation and really be confident in doing so.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thankyou for the reply and for answering my questions so well. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing to try and not leave my knowledge too superficial. Have you been given a place for the integrated programme in London?

Also, is there anything else you wish you had have known in advance of the interview? Or any particular surprises that came up which stumped you?


Hi Angie,

Well done on getting an offer! I am really appreciative of the time you took to type this out.

I was wondering what you said regarding these two questions. 1) You’re giving a business presentation to 1st year graduates on bringing in new business, what would you include in the presentation? 2) Again one of your colleagues who started the same time as you got more interesting work, what would you do?



Just finished my final interview and got an email stating: During May we are conducting final interviews with all candidates that have progressed through our recruitment process for our remaining open roles. This means that we will provide a final decision on whether you will receive an offer for our September / October 2015 intake in the second week of June.

Anyone in the same situation?


Yes same here. But I got this email before booking a final interview, right after informing me being successful at AC.
My interviewer actually brought this up and said he was informed all decisions will be released in second week of June.
I’ve also noticed that the post for the role that I applied is no longer there.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Best of luck for us!!



Thx Iree for sharing this with me, I got so worried. Wondering y they suddently decided to do so… anyway, best of luck for us!!!


Hi same situation here. I just had my partner interview and they said they will let me know in July. I am a bit worried. Did you guys hear back ?


Yep. Last Friday. Good luck!


Hey thanks for your reply. Did you receive an offer ? I am really worried now.


I passed the final interview, but due to the visa restriction, they are unable to make me an offer. Don’t worry abt that, good luck!


Hey I am really sorry to hear that. I do need a visa too. I guess I need to prepare myself for the worst. Thanks so much for replying back. All the best to you.


I appreciate that, but if you r still holding your T4 visa I think you should be fine, you can check on their website. Wish u all the best!


Hey thank you so much. You showed some tiny ray of hope. All the best and take care


Hi, can I ask you what’s the visa you are holding now? cause my tier 4 visa has expired and now holding a tier 5 visa, I am wondering if they would accept this?


Well…I am currently not holding any valid visa, the only way for me to get the T2 visa is by applying from outside of the UK. They mentioned they can sponsor candidates switching from T4 to T2, but unable to sponsor us from scratch… I suggest you send an email to them regarding ur situation…


Hi did u get any reply from them regarding the final interview outcome ? Thanks.


Hi, I haven’t heard back from them yet, since I have the visa issue, I am wondering that would be a problem to me…