KPMG partner interview 2011/12


recently i attended a partner interview with kpmg in london (for audit service line), and finally got an offer. i have another post regarding the telephone interview and there are several posts regarding the assessment centre already, so i’m not gonna repeat it again, just to share with you all my recent partner interview experience.

my interview lasted for approximately 45mins, including the time that i asked the partner questions. for me, i felt that it was quite short, maybe it’s because the interview was less exhausting, so i felt that the time passed quickly. the interview was quite well structured, more formal than i was expected. it was divided into a few sections, some general questions, a few competency based questions, two scenario based questions and some chatting. although it is true that partner interview very much depends on the partner himself, but most of the questions i was asked came from a set of interview questions and there were spaces for the partner to take notes, so i guess the basic structure is the same for everyone.

it started with some causal chats. the partner told me a bit of his own experience and his sector, then asked me to say something about me. asked why did i choose my uni, what do i enjoy doing etc, then moved on to some more formal interview questions. why i want to become an auditor, what qualities do i think an auditor should have, i answered attention to details, patience and people skills, then why i think that i’m suitable for the position.

then there were a few competency based questions, not much, so no need to worry. he asked a situation that i dealt with difficult clients, how much i know about the programme, my plans for the future, and also some commercial awareness questions. he asked a recent event that has significant impact on the business world, so i talked about the greece debt crisis, then he asked me how i felt about it, whether the problem is solved, implication on the uk, and also some uk related issues. the interviewer really dig into your answer, he would asked you to talk about things in depth and in great detail, so make sure that you know the story really well.

there were two scenario type questions. the first one was that you joined the firm with another person at the same time 12 months ago, and he got assigned a task with greater responsibility but you only got some basic tasks. what would you do. the second one was about business opportunity, i can’t recall the detail but it was about you make a presentation to more junior people about what you will do to attract more business opportunity for the company. again there will be some follow up questions, there’s no need to worry about it, just make sure that your answers reflect your professional attitude.

the interview ended with some questions for the partner. it went quite quickly, and when it ended, my reaction was “that’s it?”, maybe it is because the partner was quite nice and you feel less nervous. it was quite an enjoyable talk. it took them a week until they get back to me. waiting for the interview result was killing me, i would suggest that you take some time out with friends to divert your attention. that would make it a lot better.

i hope this helps, any questions please feel free to ask. good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


congrats on the offer and thanks for sharing!!


Great to hear! Many congratulations!

I too applied to the KPMG Graduate scheme earlier this year. I got through to the assessment center stage but couldn’t attend the AC due to personal reasons (I am presently based in India). I made an application for deferral and am waiting to hear from them. Do you have any idea about the deferral process? (I am deferring because I’ve been accepted at Royal Holloway for a post graduate programme in Information Security, which would be a great add-on to my CV and skill set).

Any thoughts / advice on this would be much appreciated!