KPMG or EY for audit?


Hey Guys,

Ive recently gone through the whole app process for the big 4, and now find myself with two offers: Ernst and young, and KPMG.

Looking at the contracts, the pay, ‘benefits’, and other crap is pretty much equal, I’ll be doing the ACA with either, and Im finding it really hard to choose between them. (Although i have heard that KPMG also have bonuses and daily lunch allowance, which may slightly tilt the balance I suppose?)

At the moment, I kind of have the impression (from the offices and various interviews/ACs), that EY has the more mature, professional ‘feel’ to it, better office (altho their main office seemed to me like pretty much exclusively 30somethings walking around) - which I guess is good and bad…good in terms of the vibe and prestige, bad in terms of perhaps limited networking, and not so many grad recruits as I would have in KPMG, which has a much younger vibe?

Also, does anybody (preferably who works for EY) know much about the social side of things for them - I know for sure that KPMG is really really active in terms of sports clubs, societies, etc. but havent heard much from EY about it - this is a pretty important thing for me.

Or has anybody got any other reasons why I should choose one over the other?




Hey stephen,

I’m kinda stuck in a similar situation… between PwC and KPMG for Audit. Obviously PwC has the prestige of being the top dog in terms of fee generation but KPMG has that down to earth feel to it which I really like. I went to a KPMG open day and found it to be realyl insightful and everyone I met in terms of fellow grads and others were super nice. The lunch allowance and extra support and training for the ACA certainly helps. I’m currently leaning towards KPMG atm but I have yet to properly make up my mind!



I’ve got a similar problem. I think it boils down to the culture of the firms you are applying to. For example, as the firms are all very similar, the fact that PwC are the best is irrelevant if you are not certain that you would actually like working there, within their corporate culture and in that environment. Go for what feels right; think back throughout the recruitment process and identify at which place you felt the most comfortable, or where you could excel the most.

a99mimon: For what its worth. I would go for E&Y - they gave me a great impression and all the people there were splendid!

Hope that helps.


Snap! Having been in exactly the same position, I have decided to go for EY. As well as the reasons you mention (I loved the offices yet thought it was a really good mix of young and old) everyone was lovely throughout and ultimately, I genuinely wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to say no to them! Let’s not forget as well that EY kicked everyones arses with 8% growth this year - kpmg havent released theirs yet but the partner himself said they’d had a hard year. Globally EY have a fantastic rep and it’s clearly leading to large UK growth. I love the idea of being in a growing firm that’s personable whilst still closing fas on it’s bigger competitors. For a start it nicked apple and seimens from kpmg this year! The training and client list is amazing for both, but I felt so at home at EY - I’ve no doubt they have a good social side - I already have Christmas drinks planned with fellow Durham grads who’ve already accepted offers. When I got out o my head and went with my heart, I knew I’d always go for EY - my girlfriend knew just from the way I talked about both.

Of course I’m technically biased now but that was my take on the dilemma!