Kpmg or ernst and young?


I have just recieved job offers from kpmg and ernst and young and i was wondering if anyone had any advice as to which one i should accept?

Here are my experiences for anyone who is in the application process:

For both firms I did not have to fill out the application form but just had to send them my CV instead (although I think this is only true for the office I applied for).

I also did not have to do any numeracy tests as they both said that my degree (accounting and finance) and my maths a-level were proof enough of my ability.

both my first round interviews were on the phone and were nearly identical. The most prominent questions they asked were:

Why accounting?
What do you understand about audit?
Why ernst and young/kpmg compared to the others in the big 4?
How do you think the economy affects accountancy firms?
What current affairs (business related) have interested you recently?

They also asked question on situations where you have used skills such as communication and team work.

My partner interview with KPMG was primarily focussed on me as an individual and asked questions such as:
How have you changed since university?
In what way would your family say you have changed?
why did you choose your university course?
why accounting?
what topics have i been learning at uni recently?
I was also asked general questions about my university.

The Ernst and young Interview was more like the first round interview:

What is your take on the economy?
have you applied to any other firms? (be honest as they dont expect you to only apply to one)
What have you read that is interestiing and relevant to business (in the media)?
What do you think you can contribute to the firm?
What do you understand about the qualifications you will be doing?

In both interviews it is important to have good questions to ask at the end as this can literally save an interview if it has not gone well. both kpmg and ernst and young said that I asked good questions and i think this is what made me successful. in both interviews after i asked questions it then meant that the partner then asked more follow up questions (which is good) and made the interview a lot more fluid.


What were your questions that you asked? I have an Ernst and Young interview coming up on the 3rd September!


For 2011 intake or 2010? Where have you applied? (location - division)


Hiya, I have first round interview on 3rd sept too! Is yours for Corp Finance?


anyone having an AC at kpmg on the 8th sep 2010