KPMG or Delotte?


I have been offered positions at both KPMG and Deloitte in Tax and wonder which guys you think is the better?

Qualification wise, I know KPMG is CA and am I right in thinking Deloitte is ACA?

Both are very similar and it is a very difficult decision to make, therefore, any help would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.


I’m in the same position as you - offers for Corporate Tax with KPMG in Birmingham and for Deloitte in Reading. Which office(s) are your offers for?

KPMG is CA/CTA and Deloitte is ACA.

I think I might take Deloitte, but I haven’t quite decided yet!


Mine are for the London office.

Is so little to choose between the two it is a very difficult decision to make!!

I guess one of the main differences is the approach to the professional qualifications.

Is hard to know without having worked for them which is best!!


I went for tax at KPMG - but I didn’t have a choice to make as it was my first and only offer!


My personal choice would be KPMG. They have such a good reputation (which they pride) for looking after their staff which can only bode well should graduates suddenly be in the firing line.

Secondly, in Tax, you study for your exams in blocks of 11/13 weeks rather than 2 weeks which, I think is amazing. Plus you get you CA and CTA within the three years Deloitte will only give you for you ACA.

Finally KPMG is still growing internationally at the moment…not sure about Deloitte?

Obviously it’s personal choice…these are just MY reasons…


L_L what do you mean by you study for your exams in blocks of 11/13 weeks? Do you mean you only get exams every 11 weeks, whereas with Deloitte its every two weeks ? Or something else?


I know for people based outside London, KPMG ship their graduates up to ICAS in Edinburgh for 11/13 week periods which i guess is a considerable sacrifice to some.

With Deloitte, am I correct in thinking you are given 2 weeks off prior to each exam, and that doesn’t include the study course? KPMG do say, 3 exams in 11 weeks and that includes all the teaching condensed into that period so I think they are probably comparative in that respect.

Deloitte do CTA as well as KPMG now I think. I suppose its personal preference as to which is better, ACA or CA? From what I gather, CA is slightly more technical.

Is anyone aware if for Corporate Tax at Deloitte, it is definitely ACA? The website says CA will be recommended for that service line put most seem to think they all do ACA?

Thanks in advance.


Corporate Tax @ Deloitte is def ACA.

Where abouts on the website does it say about CA?

We discussed ACA specific things in my interviews and I’m pretty sure it says on my offer letter that it’s ACA.

Deloitte do offer CTA, but it’s after completing your ACA and is completely optional at any point after your first three years. Takes about 5/6mths to get the studying/exams done according to one of my interviewers.


Its here on the website:

“If you’re more interested in corporate taxation, we’d suggest you pursue CA qualification.”

I know its been discussed on these forums before, but, which do you think is the best qualification to study for? ACA or CA?!


Thanks for the link.

I think CA is preferred for Corporate Tax as it leads to more exemptions for the CTA?!

As for which is best, you’re right - it is a highly discussed topic! I don’t think the differences are too vast, but ACA seems to be more widely recognised and has higher prestige. If you’re studying CTA as well, then I don’t think it really matters personally.


No disrespect intended RecGrad, but how on Earth did you get through the interview process not knowing what qualification you’d be doing?


On the basis of what I’ve seen on this forum C.B, not knowing which quali you’d be studying for is the least of some people’s concerns… (not addressed to anyone in this topic though of course!)


Haha one of the graduates that took me out to lunch told me some of the ‘horror’ stories about bad bad interviews, people not even knowing what they’d applied to etc! Reassured me somewhat!


CB, look at the earlier posts in the thread and I think it will answer your own question.

Terrific ineptitude mind.

The unconstructive nature of your post makes me wonder have you not got anything better to do?





The09…what RecGrad says…

Although having been a part-time undergrad I would say that studying full time for 11/13 weeks and duing the exams in the same period is hardly a sacrifice and INFINITELY preferable to studying and working at the same time… I’m not 100% sure of the details of how other firms do it…I think it is more like day release?

Imho…there is absolutely no problem with asking about the qualification in interview as long as you show you have researched it…there would be no problem in asking an interviewer for example why a particular firm picked ICAS over ICAEW (CA over ACA) for example. These things ARE actually quite hard to research satisfactorily I’ve found - including looking at employers websites and the professional bodies.

I asked loads of questions on the qualification at interview and passed. I also asked an EY recruiter why CA over ACAs (EY do CA) and they said it was more internationally recognised but I’ve NEVER heard that anywhere else I have to say!