KPMG opportunity in Hungar for an Italian boy


Hello everyone, I write here hoping to get some advice / information. I’m an Italian 23yo boy who got a bachelor degree in Economics and Management just a month ago. Some days ago I saw a job announcement of KPMG for its headquarters in Budapest, which is looking for people who know Italian or Spanish (and of course English), for the position of Tax Assistant. The next day they sent me emails to attach the phone interview and perform online tests. Long story short, I started to think that my English is okay but not so good as to be able to deal with a work experience abroad; also, from the tone of the recruiter mail I’ve understood (perhaps misunderstanding) that some professional experience was needed. I still chose to take the test, but without much attention and very calmly (I left different answers blank); almost out of curiosity. Then I sent an email to the recruiter saying I was going to retire my application for the reasons above. Today she responded by saying that the test was pretty good (despite everything), especially for the English side. Also he made it clear that I do not need any experience for this job. Lastly, she told me to contact her within a few days if I had changed my mind.

What would you do in my place? What kind of salary should I expect if I were hired? Is there some form of compensation for those coming from abroad? What kind of tasks are carried out by a tax assistant?
I know from hearsay the environment and the revision of the BIG4, so I do not aim to absolutely to do a long career there. I’m aware that a work experience abroad, even brief, could be worth a lot on my CV … but once back in Italy what would I do? Not including that I would be forced not to continue my studies (MSc).
I’m quite confused, maybe I still intend to perform the phone interview (which scares me a bit as in the listening / speaking side I do not think to be worth more than a B1+ …) and maybe ask her directly more informations.
Moreover I don’t know if after the telephone interview other assesment steps are expected.

Thanks in advance, sorry for my English and sorry in case it’s the wrong section to post in.