KPMG online tests, query!


Okay so I applied for the KPMG audit 2014 grad scheme, passed the situation judgement test and went on to do the verbal one. I completed this but did not automatically get directed to the numeracy test?

Sooo do you think I’ve failed the verbal one and that’s why I’ve not been automatically asked to do the numeracy one? or because my degree is in mathematics they’ve skipped it? Or is it normal to have to wait?
Any help please!!!
Thank you.


In my experience, having a maths degree does not exempt you from the numeracy test (in many ways they are testing different things).

Have you actually had a rejection? If not, I’d get in touch with the grad recr team.


I’ve not had a rejection, they’ve sent an email saying,

But in the recruitment process on their website it says you sit the SJT, and if you pass the verbal and if you pass that then the numeracy.
Don’t know if it’s because it was not a weekday?



sorry and email saying;

Thank you for completing the verbal reasoning test and progressing to the next stage in our recruitment process. We’re currently reviewing your application. So whilst it may take us a few more days before we can get back to you with a decision, rest assured that we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


hi, emma, have you received any further information about the numerical test? I have the same problem now, finishing my verbal test without any result. Thank you very much!!!


Hi hellorendi and emma.garrett,

My name is Sam and I work in the graduate recruitment team at KPMG.

Just to clarify on the above, once you have passed the online tests, we review your application to ensure you meet all of our academic requirements, which (depending on how many applications we have at the time) can take a few days, hence the email you receive. Hopefully thereafter you find out about the next stage of the process (if successful) or whether you have not been progressed.

@emma.garrett - has your problem been resolved since the messages you posted further up in the thread?

If either of you have any questions or problems please let me know, and I will be happy to help.

Kind Regards,