KPMG - Online tests and negative marking


I’m just about to sit my KPMG numeracy test, and was wondering if anybody knows for a fact whether KPMG employs negative marking?

In previous numeracy tests, I’ve never managed to complete all of the questions. I’m just wondering whether it’s worth having a wild guess at those I don’t have time to attempt properly.


I would say don’t wild guess, it just increases the percentage of questions you get wrong if anything.

I only answered 8 questions in my KPMG numeracy test a fortnight ago, which got me into the 41st percentile (whatever that means) but I knew I’d gotten them all correct and sure enough it was enough to pass me through to the interview stage.


Ok thanks for your help, sounds like good advice. Pretty worried about this test now, everyone says its a tough one!


Its quite a bit harder than the practice questions you get on here to be honest, but if you can answer 8 of them correctly like I did you’d be ok so that’s the flip side to it.


I just took the test and blind guessed the last 15 q’s or so.
Praying I’m gonna be alright…

Chances are slim with guessing because theres 8 answers to pick from


hi, just wondering how long need to wait for the result after the test?

i did the test yesterday, if i could not get the email today, does that mean i am failed? bit worry about it~


Have a bit of patience, if its been less than 24 hours (and yesterday was Sunday), they’ll get back to you soon. If not by Wednesday then give them a quick ring.


Well… that was certainly a lot tougher than other tests I’ve done.

I answered all the verbal q’s, but am usually extremely confident with this section and am much less sure about myself this time.

Numeracy was much, much harder than Deloitte’s etc. I answered about 12 of the 24, but was not confident about a fair few of them… I actually found the first questions the most difficult, I got noticably better as I went along. Wish I’d skipped the first four questions! Fingers crossed, if I get through it will be by the skin of my teeth!

PS - I didn’t bother taking a guess at the questions I didn’t have time for. 1 in 8 isn’t good odds…


Just completed the online tests for KPMG. Dear god, that was horrendus, pretty much guessed 80% of the answers. Absolute joke, i suspected the numerical test would be difficult but the verbal test was equally hard. Ah well, its an experience, one i hopefully wont have to endure ever again!!


Hi…I’m new to this site - have only just discovered it & wish I had discovered it sooner. I’m due to take the KPMG online ability tests tomorrow…Has anyone got any last minute advice? It would be greatly appreciated! X


I’ve done a few online tests now and fortunately (either by luck or judgement) managed to pass 'em. KPMG’s are the hardest, definately. But just make sure you take your time with the maths one, I only answered about 10 questions but I’m pretty sure I got them all right and I only ended up in 43rd percentile but it was enough to get me through. The verbal isn’t too hard, like a GCSE comprehension, don’t get confused by the language and technical terms, again just concentrate and only use what is said in the passage. Also, don’t worry if you seem to be putting loads of the same answer in a row, I think I had about 6 or 7 “cannot say” in a row (I was 91st percentile in verbal). Other than that, do practice ones relax and make sure you have everything you might need to hand.

Good Luck!



I just finished those tests… pretty HardCore
just wanted to ask, when will I find out the “percentile” thing, as it did not show up after the tests
will I receive it by email?
thanks and good luck to everyone


Hey Hardy87 - Thanks for your advice…I’m going to sit them tomorrow & am so nervous!! I just don’t like failing!! Have you applied to other company’s too? Are you applying as a graduate or a school leaver? I’m applying as a school leaver…I just really want to get accepted somewhere!! X


Make sure you relax and have a good nights sleep too.
Good luck with it and let us know how you did (good or bad)


Thanks jobless…Will do! Am just keeping my fingers crossed!! X


Yeah, I’ve applied to a few others. Im a graduate, graduated this year so having a year out, wish I’d sorted it last year and then just defered. Oh well, live and learn. I agree with jobless, also. Try and relax as much as possible, the first tests are always the most nervous 'cos you just don’t know what to expect. Good luck with them, I’m sure you’ll do fine!


Relax definitely. Know that they will be harder than you’ve seen before but that they are do-able.

To be honest I did mine in a haze and only answered about 4 with any certainty and intelligent guesses on about 5. Got through on 32nd percentile. (Which you receive in email with the p/f result.)

From what most people say the questions just need more “stages” worked out than others.

The fact I panicked meant I did not see that and it contributed to my low mark.


Just took the KPMG tests, and was rather worried, because I’d only finished 20 out of the 24 questions for numeracy! Am feeling rather reassured at the moment by this thread. :stuck_out_tongue: The verbal was interesting, I’m also not as confident of it as I usually am, but I guess now it’s time to just wait and see. Cue much obsessive refreshing of the ol’ inbox…


Just thought I’d relate my own experiences, which basically echo other peoples on here.

  1. You only actually need to answer a fairly low percentage of the questions correctly to get through. I did well under half, and was in the 30-something percentile, and still got through.
  2. Therefore, don’t panic! My first reaction at starting was “oh god”, and was then convinced I’d failed by the end, but must have scraped through. Just be prepared for them to be tougher than you expect.
    Out of interest, i was wondering how people that did maths/economics/numerate degrees found them? This was the first “competitive maths” I’d done since my GSCE about 8 years ago, so it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Just thought I’d let you all know - i plucked up the courage & took my KPMG ability test on Thursday like I said I would…I got an email back on Friday saying I had been successful & they would be in touch shortly to arrange first round interviews :slight_smile: I am so, so happy & relieved although now worrying about the interview!! Has anyone had one and if so can anyone give me some tips & advice etc on what to expect and what research I should do before…Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Thank you X