KPMG online tests 2010


Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone has done the KPMG tests recently for consulting? I have found on previous forums from 1-2 years ago that the general consensus is that they are the hardest, but after taking the cubiks practice tests I found them simple compared to the likes of Deloitte.

So I guess what I would like to know is, does anyone have any opinion as to whether the cubiks practice tests are actually have any similarity in difficulty to the real tests?




I took the tests for all the Big Four firms this year, and KPMG were by far the most difficult ones…the passages in the verbal test are somewhat technical and therefore more difficult to follow, and for the numerical one, each question requires more calculations than with other tests. But the good thing is that the requirements are lower, and so there’s a good chance to pass even if you don’t finish them. In fact, what they’re trying to do with these tests is to put you under great pressure, but as long as you keep calm and work systematically without panicking because you feel you’re running out of time, you will be fine.

I think the cubiks practice tests are indeed similar, but the actual tests seemed more difficult to me.

Good luck!


Thanks Vaneela that is very helpful…

I am just finding it very difficult to assess how much preparation I should be doing as I did a humanities subject at university (so no maths since school) and so far I have passed the E&Y tests with no practice and then absolutely failed the Deloitte ones after 4 days of solid preparation…


Well, I think you have to practise as much as possible then…if you’ve not already done so, check the Assessment day website - you can buy there a set that has 9 numerical tests and 7 verbal tests. The numerical tests from the efinancial careers website are also good practice.
KPMG tests are challenging but doable…and even if you do less than half of them you can still pass (at least I did). But definitely do practise as much as possible before taking them…


What you want to focus on whlst doing the KPMG tests is accuracy. You really don’t need to answer all (or even most) of the questions to pass, so keep that in mind and don’t get overwhelmed.


fyi, just did them and only got to about 14 but who knows! thanks for all advice it definitely helped even just for reassurance of technique!
how long do the results take does anyone think?


Will be taking these tests very soon… Do you know which website’s practice tests best resemble to KPMG ones in terms of difficulty and time pressure? (SHL, PSL, efinancial, assessmentday, cubiks?) Thanks!