KPMG online reasoning tests - explained



Does anyone know whether you get a week between taking the verbal reasoning test and the numerical reasoning test? Or do you have to do them both within a shorter time frame?


Hi, can you help me with my tests?


I’ve just taken the verbal reasoning test and have been given a week to complete the numerical. Haven’t been told my score for the verbal, I gather they take your whole application into account so it isn’t a matter of passing the verbal then being invited to sit the numerical!


Does anyone know what KPMG verification test is ? Is it like an aptitude test? I passed aptitude test for KPMG and now they have invited me for manager interview, which also includes “supervised online verification test”, which I have no clue about. Can anyone help please? How should I prepare for it and what kind of questions will be asked?
Help me, please.
Many thanks in advance.


did they tell you the score on your test right after you took each one


An ideal study plan should have revision and practice sessions as well. If you have included these to your plan then they can help truly to pass the exam with good score. I also have been preparing for LSAT and the LSAT Logic Games are very difficult for me. This is why I will dedicate more time for this section.