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Hi everyone sorry for the nuisance but is KPMG recruitment for audit positions (across UK) is still open? I was unable to verify from their website :frowning:
If anyone has had fresh experience recently, can you please advise?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Waw… Congrats


Hi folks

Just thought I’d mention that I’ve done practice tests with Assessment Day and JobTestPrep, but actually I found WikiJob’s own tests probably the most challenging (especially for numerical). I can’t say whether they were as hard as KPMG’s aptitude tests, but the time pressure and question difficulty was definitely a notch up from the main providers.


Hi everyone, I have an Assessment Centre coming up on 15th July with KPMG and wanted some help with online practice.
I have to do an in-tray exercise on the day, where you have to prioritise different emails and voicemails etc and wandered if anyone had a log in for a practice site to try online? I’ve seen some sites that offer this service but I can’t really afford to sign up for this at the moment.
I have signed up for to practice the numerical and verbal tests and am willing to share this log in.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance,


Hi - Can you private message me please?


Hi, did you get my private message?
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Hi Lara,
Is there any chance you could send me your log in details too. I’d really like to see what the tests are like.



Hi Lara
I am not aware of the prioritisation test you referred to… I’ll do a search. Is there any chance you could share the login for the numeric and verbal practice with me?
Thanks in advance


Hi everybody!

We’re happy to say that we’ve just created a new, free app to practise the numerical reasoning test. It’s available for Android (we’ll be producing an Apple version later) and you can download the app from the Google Play Store here: If you have any feedback for us regarding the app, we’d be happy to hear it!

The WikiJob Team


KPMG UK recruitment is almost open for 2016. good luck guys and girls!


Thank you very muchhhhh
I am in Vietnam, and passionate in KPMG,
and of course, i am preparing for the coming numerical and verbal test


Hi, please can i also get the login details as i would love to see what the tests are like


I just tested KPMG online verbal and numerical test, they said that they will keep in touch within 72hours, how do I know if I passed or not?


Hi Nan,

Once you have completed your online tests your application will be sent through to a member of the graduate recruitment team. From there we will then have a look at your test scores, your academic qualifications and your work experience.

Once you have completed the tests we aim to make a decision on your application after 1-2 business days.




Hi Guys,
I just finished KPMG on line tests, they said they will be in touch within 72 hours. Are they going to sent me an email or a message to make aware about what the interview will be about, or are they going to call me straight away? It may happen I cannot pick the phone up because I am working. So i don’t know what to do. Does anyone know how it works? Thanks a lot and good luck!


Hey guy I just took the online tests for KPMG. The verbal reasoning test seemed to go fine but I had problems with the Numeracy one. Not in actually comprehending it but from the fact that I have multiple sclerosis and as a result have significant nerve damage in my right/dominant hand which makes scribbling down notes and working with the small buttons on a calculator much more difficult under timed conditions. I barely answered half the questions which I highly doubt will be enough to progress - of course I got the obligatory “72 hour email” - Does anybody know if there are any routes to take other assessments? I made KPMG aware of my condition in advance but I don’t really think they comprehended exactly the issue at hand. I’m concerned because if this is typical in the employment process for Big 4 firms I may end up missing out.


Thanks for the suggestions. For me, verbal reasoning test is more diffucult than numerical. I am struggling with that since I will have the test around this week. I am quite nervous


Can someone help me out - I just sat the verbal reasoning test and was then invited to sit the numerical one. Does that mean I have passed the verbal one or do they take both scores into consideration when deciding whether or not to put you through to the next stage?


Hi there,

We will review your whole application including your online test scores.

Louise Wheeler


So which source is the best practice test provider: Graduatemonkey or Greenturn?