KPMG online application


first of all, I am interested in joining KPMG in Czech republic, so there might be a little difference compared to what you guys usually refer to. I have already sent an online application this october stating my preferred department I would like to work in is financial advisory, then the risk advisory as my second choice. After that I made a lot of research, including joining this forum (it’s great btw :)), visiting KMPG workshops at our uni, at their place, etc… After that I kind of changed my mind about what department I would prefer. On the webpage of czech KPMG they say there are 13 open positions for commercial audit and 5 open positions for financial audit, and only 3 and 1 for risk and financial advisory respectively. Thus I changed my opinion, I want to apply for the audit to increase my chances. Is it possible to fill the online application form out once more under the same name? By the way, they already sent me an email stating they would send me AC dates taking place next year shortly, meaning my application was ok.

So is it possible to send another application, thus applying, or rather showing interest, in 4 departments (risk/financial advisory with lower chances to get into, financial/commercial audit being a more viable option)? The thing that bugs me is I really don’t know how this “preference” model works - everybody goes through same process: application (CV+cover letter), tests, assessment centre, interview. Let’s say I am successful, do they give me a choice what department I want to join? If I’m not successful for financial advisory (1 open position in Czech republic), could I be successful/good enough for audit, where there is more open positions?

Sorry for a long post, but I want to make it clear for me. Thank you for your answers.


Well, I sent them an email asking for possiblity to apply for audit commercial and financial as well. The answer was positive, they told me I can apply for more departments, and all will have separate ACs.