KPMG Offer - Thankyou Wikijob


I have recently come through the recruitment process with KPMG and I am delighted to be able to inform the wikijob community that I was succesful.

I would like to thank all those who have posted on this forum, either asking or answering questions, as without you I would not have been able to be so prepared.

When I find the time, I intend to document my experiences and post in this forum so that others may benefit from my experiences as I have from those who have already posted here. I am more than happy to respond to private messages if anyone has any queries about any stage of the recruitment process.

Again, Thanks wikijob!


Congratulations Ryan.All the very best in the new job!


Congrats Ryan which city did you apply and for what services.


I would also like to add my thanks having received an offer from KPMG last week - wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near it without Wikijob!

Make sure you all vote for Wikijob too!


nice Joy where did you have your AC and for what role?


congratulations ryan

can u draw a breakdown in terms of what to expect in the presentation and partner interview? thanks a lot


How long would you normally need to wait for until you get an acceptance?
I had mine yesterday but still waiting 4 their reply, I’m worried it may be a rejection coz ppl said that if you pass then they will call you the day after the AC, is that true?


usually 48 hours for a reply after the assessment centre! Its amazing how many people get jobs through wikijob! congrats to chris and co for the site!


To Chris: have you considered registering the site under government schemes where you help people find work and the gov gives you a few bob based on success rate. from what ive seen here, you’d meet that easily. if i get my tfl offer, it will be because of this site! so def worth a check!!!


Another big Wikijob thank you coming up!

PwC recently offered me a position, and I can safely say Wikijob put me on the road to success. So much great info on here, and I went into my interview/assessment day feeling much better prepared than I would have done without this excellent resource!

I’d like to give something back, so if anyone has any questions regarding the format etc at PwC, I’d be happy to answer any PM’s I receive.


congrats ryan and joy on gettng an offer with KPMG.

I’ve also applied for a placement position with KPMG. They have asked me to do online verbal/numerical tests. My freinds have gone through these tests and felt they were really hard. I’ve got to do the tests by this friday and would appriciate any help or advice on the tests as you guys have gone through the stage successfully.


They are hard, there’s no two ways about that.

You just need to practice a few other different ones, like the SHL ones linked to on this site, and make sure you have a clear mind for the proper KPMG ones - don’t rush either, I only answered about 8 questions for the numerical one but answered them all correctly so that was enough for me to pass.

Above all, if you start them and its not going badly, turn your PC off! Don’t close your browser, just power off - and you’ll be able to start them again.


Thanks for the reply joy.
Your advice is really helpful. The fact that you only answered 8 questions and got through, helps a lot because I was thinking that I am generally slow and might fail.

You said about turning the PC off if it’s going bad but I feel its a bit risky. I think it’s a clever option but I would only try that if it’s going really badly.

Thanks for your help again.


I did it a few times when I wasn’t really in the right mindset and it was fine, the browser only registers that you’ve completed the test when you click the button on the other window after completion anyway.

I should also say that I knew that I’d answered those 8 correctly - and as it is down to percentiles, if there have since been many more people who have answered loads correctly, the pass rates might well shift up a bit - but as a rough indication don’t panic if you’ve done 10 or so.


Yh that’s right, the pass rate must have gone up since you did the test.
Actually I am more worried about the verbal test than the numerical one because more of my friends have failed on verbal.
I am planning to do the verbal test today, see how it goes.