KPMG offer - please help!


Hi there. I am in a bit of a difficult situation here and would greatly appreciate any help/advice.

I had my KPMG e-tray last week and partner interview yesterday. This morning I received an email from their HR informing me that I have passed the AC and that they would like to make me a graduate offer. However, they can’t make the offer for the programme that I’d orginally applied for as all offers for that particular programme have been made (subject to acceptances). They maintain that they have a keen interest in my application and give me the following two options:

  1. Keep my application on hold for 4 weeks in which time they would know if any spaces become available.

  2. Change the discipline but to do so I’d need to submit a new career motivation statement, indicating why I am interested in that discipline and what I’d expect to do in the first year… or “change location, you will not be able to transfer during your 3 year training contract and will need to demonstrate your commitment to that office. You will need to understand location of the client base at that office and the travelling requirements that you would be required to undertake. If you choose to change location, we will of course arrange for you to visit the office to meet your new colleagues.”

The dilemma for me is that I need a work permit. The deadline for work permit applications at KPMG ends on 30th April, which is less than two weeks from now! Also, as the programme I initially applied for is highly competitive, I doubt if anybody would reject the offer, and I am not sure how many people are on the waiting list just like me.

I think currently I am more inclined to opt for the 2nd choice - change the location but stick to the same discipline. However, I am worried that if I choose to do so I’d be asked to go for another interview and still get rejected after spending so much time trying to secure the offer!

I emailed the HR contact enquiring about the situation but got an auto-reply saying that she’d be back to check her emails on 22nd April… She does, however, left the numbers of her colleagues in case of emergency.

[COLOR=Red]Should I call her colleagues to discuss my concerns? Would that be rude since she has been the main contact throughout the application process? Which option do you think is more sensible given my situation? Do you think KPMG is really that keen or is this email just another (polite) way of saying NO to my application? Anyone having/had been in a similar situation please shed some light.[/COLOR]

Thanks a million!!!


I highly doubt any company of the size and stature of KPMG would have a ‘nice way of saying no’. They are obviously very keen to employ you - otherwise I’m sure they would have told you straight - it’s no mean feat getting an offer from one of the Big 4!

However, I’m probably not best placed to advise on what to do next - although a few people on here probably are. But keep your spirits up - and make sure you make the right choice for you :slight_smile:



Hello Tom. Many thanks for your reply!

I am going to call one of the numbers the HR contact left in her email.

Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Sushi - you need to call them ASAP!

-It’s not at all rude to call a different member of the HR team… that’s what they’re there for, and if your main contact is away until the 22nd it is in no way impolite to call.

-They definitely ARE interested in hiring you. Tom is right, if they didn’t want you, they’d be more than blunt and tell you so in a formal rejection letter/call. They want you but it seems that the area you applied for is full. However, not all the people who they’ve given offers to will accept so there is still a good chance you can get a job here for the position you are after…

although… I suppose given the current state of affairs in the city and what not to do with the credit crunch what could be going on here is a little recruitment juggling. Potentially, they may be interested in hiring you, but putting candidates like you on the back burner a little bit to see how things pan out for them financially. They might not quite know right now how many candidates they can afford to hire…

Bottom line - you need to discuss your position. It sounds complex, and they will be able to help you. After you’ve spoken to them, you’ll be able to further think about your situation…and we could give you more advice :slight_smile: …let us know what happens today…



Hi L,

Thank you very much for your comments!

I called them about 30 minutes ago. The emergency contact was out on lunch so I spoke to someone else instead. She was very nice and promised she would help me in any way she could. So I left my number and got a call back from another graduate recruitment officer just now!

The lady told me if I decide to switch office then they will have to rearrange for a career motivation interview for me at my newly chosen location. I asked her if it is possible go to that interview and at the same time hold the application for my original application just in case someone decides not to take the offer. And she said YES - I can go to the interview and she’d also notify me if someone drops out from the other programme!

So I guess as for now it’s a problem solved! Waiting to go to yet another round of interview! :slight_smile:


Well done you did the right thing.

It’s definately not a polite way of saying no - and you aren’t the first person this has happened to (I’ve seen it before on this forum).

Your best bet is to talk it over with them. If they’ve made all their offers for the line you applied to that’s unfortunate, but they still seem keen to hire you, so there’s no reason not to go for it anyway!


Hi guys,
Im not sure if I’m facing a unique problem here or if this is something some of you have experienced as well. I am enrolled on a Masters course at the University of Liverpool and have an offer from KPMG to join one of their graduate programmes in London this September. But they need to apply for a work permit on my behalf atleat 2 months before the joining date and require me to submit an original copy of my degree certificate for this purpose. However, I’ll be getting this only in December although my course gets over in September. I spoke to the HR contact at KPMG, but he didn’t seem sure about what to do and said that he would get back to me after a few days.
I am getting a little worried now. Do any of you have any idea as to what happens in a situation like this?

Would be a great help if you could respond! Thanks a lot!


Hi Prinks - Can you re-post this as a new thread? It really deserves it’s own!

Essentially, you can’t get your degree certificate any earlier, but you need one for KPMG. Now I’m pretty sure KPMG don’t need a copy of your certificate to make a visa application on your behalf, it’s just a matter of them wanting to ensure you are academically qualified for the position for their own bureaucratic reasons.

This kind of thing happens all the time. It sounds like the HR guy you spoke to isn’t that sharp, so I recommend giving someone else a call to sort things out. I’m almost certain though, that what you’ll need to do is to talk to your academic tutor at Liverpool and ask him/her to write a formal letter (with Uni logo, etc) on the behalf of your department certifying that you are highly likely to get/have got your MA. This then needs to be signed, and sent to the KPMG HR contact you have (or will have) - and it should be enough for KPMG to give the ok to whoever it is that makes the visa applications at the company.

Bottom line: don’t worry too much. If you have an offer KPMG want you to work for them, and they should really be the ones chasing you. You certainly should have got a better response from HR - talk to an HR higher up the ladder, get the academic letter and things should work out.

Let me know how things go!

Cheers, Ed:)

P.S. Please re-post as a new thread!


Thanks Ed! Will keep you updated. Posting this in a new thread as well.


Hi guys,

I went for a final interview last Friday and got a call this afternoon from the partner who interviewed me. I got the job! Really excited at the moment!

Thanks for all the supports I have got from everyone here at Wikijob! :smiley:



That’s great news Sushi, well done!! :smiley:

Don’t forget to let us know how it goes when you start and what working at the firm is actually like - we are interested to know!




Thanks Ed. I’ll keep you posted! May start a new thread when I start working.

Still waiting for the formal offer to come through. Hopefully the package is not too bad. :slight_smile:



Hi Guys,

KPMG DO need your degree certificate to apply for your Visa… it’s part of the home office regulations.


Hi Sushi,

I know this was posted a long time ago but I am in a similar situation and have decided to change from Tax to Audit and to change location also. I did my internship so I have a decent understanding of what I will be doing.

However, I am a bit puzzled as to what the interview is going to be about! I was told it is competency based but only on career motivation. So presumably commercial awareness, why I want to work for KPMG, why Audit etc. Anything else that you can remember? I know it was a while ago so probably not!