KPMG Offer Holders 2018



Hi there,

I thought it would be good to start a thread for KPMG offer holders (2018).


I received my offer yesterday. How about everyone else?


I received my offer for Audit, London on Friday :slight_smile:


Oh amazing news me too! Is it for an autumn start date? Do you know when roughly we would start?


Hey congrats to you too!
Yea my programme is for the Autumn intake, but I’m not sure when the start date is, I assume September ish?
I’m thinking of contacting HR tomorrow to get to know more so I can plan for living situation etc. I’ll update here if I find out more :slight_smile:


Oh great me too! That’s was I would gues. Please let me know if you manage to find anything.


Hi guys is there any offer holder group?


I don’t think so yet!


I tried calling the last two days, but each time I only got her voicemail, so no news as of yet :frowning: I guess I’ll send an email for follow-up and hope we get a reply.
May I ask which programme you applied for, the intensive or empowered?


I have received offer zone link. But cannot login cannot reset psw. So weird


I am on the empowered, what about you?


Hi I have a question. I got offer zone login. But it does not specify what documents they need u to upload? I only find the required list on contract. But did u get anything with ethics and independent questionnaire?


Ahh I’m taking the intensive route, get the exams done first haha.
I managed to get a reply from HR, she confirmed the starting date will be roughly September-October


Hey, sorry I can’t help you as I haven’t received an offer zone login yet :frowning:
May I ask have you gotten a formal offer letter already? I haven’t had anything back since the phone call to let me know I was successful.


Yes I have got the email through but it won’t let me change my password! Have you managed to?


I haven’t had any news back since the phone call, no formal offers, no log in information.
Not sure why, maybe because I am taking intensive route and it takes longer? Making me nervous not knowing haha


Hey, I’m doing intensive too (Birmingham).

I received my phone call offer on the 29th March and was told I would receive my email offer within 2 weeks. I hadn’t received my offer after 2 weeks so I emailed the recruitment team who chased up my offer for me.

I received my official offer 2 days ago. It might be worth sending an email to chase your offer up? :slight_smile:


Yay another intensive graduate :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know! I’ll give it another week then and email the recruiter if I haven’t heard anything by then.


Did you upload documents?


Not yet, my dissertation deadline is tomorrow so I haven’t had chance to have a proper look! I will go through everything tomorrow. Are you still unsure of what to upload?