KPMG offer - help needed


Hi guys,
Im not sure if I’m facing a unique problem here or if this is something some of you have experienced as well. I am enrolled on a Masters course at the University of Liverpool and have an offer from KPMG to join one of their graduate programmes in London this September. But they need to apply for a work permit on my behalf atleast 2 months before the joining date and require me to submit an original copy of my degree certificate for this purpose. However, I’ll be getting this only in December although my course gets over in September. I spoke to the HR contact at KPMG, but he didn’t seem sure about what to do and said that he would get back to me after a few days.
I am getting a little worried now. Do any of you have any idea as to what happens in a situation like this? Does the UK Home office actually need an original copy of the degree certificate for the work permit?

Would be a great help if you could respond! Thanks a lot!


Essentially, you can’t get your degree certificate any earlier, but you need one for KPMG. Now I’m pretty sure KPMG don’t need a copy of your certificate to make a visa application on your behalf, it’s just a matter of them wanting to ensure you are academically qualified for the position for their own bureaucratic reasons.

This kind of thing happens all the time. It sounds like the HR guy you spoke to isn’t that sharp, so I recommend giving someone else a call to sort things out. I’m almost certain though, that what you’ll need to do is to talk to your academic tutor at Liverpool and ask him/her to write a formal letter (with Uni logo, etc) on the behalf of your department certifying that you are highly likely to get/have got your MA. This then needs to be signed, and sent to the KPMG HR contact you have (or will have) - and it should be enough for KPMG to give the ok to whoever it is that makes the visa applications at the company.

Bottom line: don’t worry too much. If you have an offer KPMG want you to work for them, and they should really be the ones chasing you. You certainly should have got a better response from HR - talk to an HR higher up the ladder, get the academic letter and things should work out.

Let me know how things go!

Cheers, Ed