KPMG Numerical Test


Hello WikiJobbers! I recently completed KPMG online tests successfully. Looking through the posts on here the general consensus is that these tests appear the hardest of the big 4 and people have particular difficulty with the numerical test.
I am a maths graduate and found the maths part relatively straightforward and managed to complete all the questions within the allocated time. As this forum has been very helpful to me in preparing for the next interview stage of the recruitment process, I thought I would offer some advice to those with kpmg online tests imminent. Please feel free to send me a message if you would like any advice or tips for preparing for your tests. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hello Mathsgeek
I am jealous of your Maths skills and I hope you part some of your wisdom, o wise one!
Well, can you give me general preparation tips? I am good at percentages,ratios etc… but the wording of the questions always throws me off.
Can you tell me how to go about these tests in general? I have about month and a half to prepare till graduate schemes start coming thick and fast…


Hi there,
I am due to take my numeracy test today or tomorrow , I am not the best at mental arithmetic or things like that.
Do you have any hints or tips that could guide me through it? Or any examples of questions ect?
Much appreciated!


KPMG numerical test is the toughest test among the Big 4!! Good Luck with it!


Hi im trying to put together an application for an internship with KMPG now, after spending upto 6 hours on applications and research for others and still getting nowhere I really want to try and improve my application. Any helpful tips or specific things to include?
Also any books that anoyone suggests for the numerical tests? I have done most of the online practise ones but they all seem to be so much easier than the test!


The KMPG application is relatively straight forward: No cv/cover letter needed. and the competency/ Career motivation questions are pretty straightforward.

The first Question: what attracts you to the postion you have applied for? Charity, Qualifications, experience, networking are all things you can put there and explains why you like the company and what you aim to gain.

Second and third questions are just as straightforward and the KMPG website and Graduate website provides you with all you need to know. KPMG also has a ton of youtube videos so watch a few and include that in your second Q.

I personally found the online test hard and I do mathematics as a degree. But I passed it. What you should do is praticse some test (I only did 2) and you can take the pratise test on the cubiks website. Do not panic during the test, I think they are testing your accuracy and how you cope well under pressure rather than you completing all the questions so do not guess answers if you have no clue (unless it is an educated guess.)

Good luck with it and remember 70% of those who take the test pass it.


Thanks very much! fingers crossed all goes well then.


I’ve just sat my KPMG online numerical test this morning and to my great surprise it was your generic SHL test. I don’t know whether it’s a global practice for KPMG or just a region where i’ve had mine, CIS region that is (post-soviet space).

anyway, just wanted to give some heads up.

also, recommend using IE, unless you have not updated your firefox in couple of years.


I also found the Maths test quite hard for KPMG. I finished about 16 of the 24 questions and guessed 6 which means I did terribly and yet I still got to the face2face interview so wouldn’t worry too badly. They actually tell you which percentile you’re in and for the maths test I was in the 39th or something like that. So although its the hardest out of any numerical reasoning its probably got the most leniency in terms of pass mark.


Hey, I have to do my numerical test in the next week online.

I suck at maths, but excel at verbal reasoning. From all the forums across the internet, it seems people tend to do rubbish in the KPMG numeracy tests? Can anyone give me any advice? I did the cubicks questions, but apparently they are nothing like the actual test. What sort of problems do I need to be able to tackle apart from % changes??



I don’t know if the tests have changed much but efinancial careers is your best bet.


Hi, i’ve just done my numerical test and it was the hardest most scariest thing ever! I couldn’t stop looking at the countdown which was very offputting.
I did A-level maths, but dont think I answered half!
Good luck to everyone!! X


I did the aptitude tests for KPMG a few days ago-still waiting to hear back- and, even though I’m a maths graduate, I found the numerical test really difficult. Mainly due to the time limit; answering 24 questions in 20 minutes just was not possible for me! Very stressful. Having done aptitude tests for EY (internship) and PwC ( current application), KPMG has certainly proved to be the most difficult. PwC was very easy in comparison, can’t quite remember about EY but I got through so they can’t have been too bad!

Currently trying to answer and essay question for PwC- anyone any experience of this? Have to choose a company I would like as a client and discuss services PwC could provide them and affect of the industry etc…