Kpmg new style Assessment Centre


Hi I was just wondering if anyone had experience of Kpmg’s new style virtual office Assessment centre and would care to share this information please!?


I have my Assessment centre in London next week, but it seems not many people have had theirs yet for this year as there are not many posts around!


i have mine on Monday too lilbert…what position have you applied for? ive read quite a lot on another post which has been quite useful information for the A/C/…bit of an odd question, but do you know if the report writing exercise is hand-written or typed? im a very slow writer!!


mine is on Wednesday for audit. i believe the report is typed. I was hoping for some more advice about the client meeting but there have been no recent posts about it…


What would you like to know? I had mine on 25th July. Still waiting to arrange a partner interview…

There are enough decent threads already in existence as that is what I used (they changed it ~Sep 2011) and it’s designed in such a way that you can’t really prepare…

Happy to answer any specific questions though.


I was just wondering what the tasks actually involved and how difficult it was? Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! Congratulations on reaching the partner interview stage!


Difficulty is somewhat subjective and so likely to vary from person to person - I found some bits challenging (etray due to time constraints) and others straightforward (meetings - just felt natural).

The day essentially consists of 4 tasks although the order varies;

1 - a client meeting; discussing your future working relationship, asking questions to gain information to take to your manager meeting

2 - a manager meeting; chat about what you got from client meeting, competency questions

3 - etray exercise; emails, voicemails and multiple choice answers all against the clock

4 - written recommendation; given data and reports, need to reach a conclusion on what you would do and why

At the start of each exercise you get some time (15-20 mins) to digest some information packs. You can make notes on these etc. No other knowledge is really of benefit and so this is why you can’t really prepare - you only need to use what you are given.

They also tell you which competencies they are assessing - so definitely make a mental not of these and stress them during the task.

Further to this after each stage you have to do a self-review; what went well, what didn’t etc. This is also timed (10 minutes) and gives you a chance to explain your actions.


Thanks for all the info ec265.

I’ve got my AC next week and the email you get through from KPMG says you may be randomly selected to take paper versions of the online tests. Has anyone actually been tested or has it been put there to just scare you?


thanks for your post ec265 - really useful

I was wondering if anyone could give me some more info on the client meeting? How long does it last?

  • also got my assessment centre next week :slight_smile:

Both simulated meetings are 15 minutes long - the difference is that you are in control of the client meeting (i.e. need to monitor time).

There’s a clock in every room so you can ensure you don’t go over / drastically under, and they also have a stopwatch - luckily I can read upside down so paid attention to the stopwatch rather than the clock! I basically wrapped mine up around the 13 minute mark (mainly as I couldn’t think of anything else to say) and they don’t stop it until they are out the room so mine lasted around 14 minutes.

For the manager meeting, they are taking the lead and wrap it up for you so you don’t need to monitor time as closely.


Thanks! ! This is really helpful.

Do you get a real opportunity to ask questions and what do you think are good questions to ask? I find it difficult to know which questions show your interest in the company without making you look like you haven’t researched enough on your own.

Also I was wondering if you could give me some info on the fictional company you are given at the beginning of the day? Do you get enough time to read about and understand it?

Congrats on passing the assessment centre btw and good luck with your partner interview!


Hi guys,

I passed the assessment centre about 3 and a half weeks ago but haven’t had my interview due to the olympics/holidays.

You get a lot of information about the company, you’re in a consulting company advising an energy company.

I’ll just point out that the meetings are simulated with actors and you have a KPMG member of staff observing you, and I agree with the post above that the meetings were probably the easiest part of the day as they seem to flow pretty naturally.

I found the report the hardest just because I was most pushed for time in that, but I tried to read all the information first and then write stuff and found I spent too long looking back to find info again, my advise is glance through the pack (its pretty substantial) but then try and type stuff as you read it properly.

I also thought the e-tray was pretty nice, just make sure you’re wary of the clock and send all your stuff off before the time expires.

Good luck x


Hi ec265. Thanks for sharing!
Apart from the 4 tasks you listed, did you have to do Verbal and Numerical tests?
Is there some online resources I can practise for etray?



I have my assessment centre on Thursday. Thanks for all the feedback!
I have a couple of other questions:

For the client meeting is it possible to come up with questions to ask the client from the information provided before the meeting? What sort of things are you supposed to be finding out? Are we supposed to advise them of ideas we have then and there or is the meeting essentially just to find out information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can’t imagine that I would have a clue what sort of questions to ask the client, but others say it flows very naturally.



I found out yesterday that I passed my A/C that was on Monday. I actually enjoyed it as it wasn’t like previous centres where it seemed you were gritting it out against other candidates. It is more focussed on the individual, and if you just be yourself and act professionally, you will do just fine!

hunter1991…about the client meeting, as you said it does flow quite smoothly…the client is supposed to be quite difficult due to previous communication breakdowns with your company…so to try and avoid them bringing this up to much, i tried to assure them at the start of the meeting that these issues had been resolved and improved and made up a few ways in which we had improved our responsiveness. Right at the start, i said ‘i am concious of time so have set out a format for the meeting’ just to get the ball rolling.

I dont think they want you to ask too many questions as you are leading the meeting…so try and get information out of them but avoiding asking them too much if that makes any sense. They may ask you where you see there sector heading (energy) in a broader sense, so i just mentioned environmental impact etc…

I hope that makes some sort of sense…my main advice would be to come across confidently and professionally…they just want to see how you can cope under pressure and how you react to a difficult client.

If anyone else has any questions about the A/C, i am more than happy to help as without these kind of blogs, i wouldnt have passed!

Good luck those of you with A/C this week! Just be yourself!


Hi all I just found out that I passed my KPMG AC!
If anyone wants any help regarding the AC or the telephone interview feel free to message me!


yes please…a client meeting; discussing your future working relationship, asking questions to gain information to take to your manager meeting.

What is this all about ? I mean its a random client from any area ?? How can I ask questions if I do not know the area or the subject. For example say its form Shell…I do not kNow anything about shell how can I ask questions ??


Do the newer type of AC days have much team work? Or is it mainly individual work?

Also what did you wear?


You’ll be able to read from other threads that this isn’t a random client but is an employee from the energy company that the whole day is based on. You are given information before hand outlining the questions you need to cover.
It was all individual work no team work and I wore a suit and everyone else did too!


Hi. Was anyone re-tested on the numerical/ verbal tests? If yes, were these online or paper-based? And were claculators provided or did you have to take your own?