KPMG--london--Tax Grad--2012


Hey, just fpassed KPMG’s phone interview on last wednesday. Would really appreciate advice on how to prepare for kpmg’s AC. here are the few questions asked plus my answers:

1.why tax? (problem solving, changing environment)

2.proudest achievement? (set up taichi club,正好前两天刚总结完,看来写日志没坏处)

  1. a company doing bad? (mentioned nomura, boss left)

  2. a company infulenced by current economic climate? (said kpmg, can’t think any else)

  3. a time manage multitask? (currently involved in taichi club, master studying, volunteer, ta kwon do)

  4. a time meet client needs? ( bank of china experience, a gentlement came to ask how to open LC, explained according to rules)

  5. A time doing Repetitive work and outcome? (so many of them want to say–studying/reading papers :stuck_out_tongue: but chose bank of china exp–checking accuracy of work by colleagues for 5 days)

  6. A situational question: A time you have a work given by ur boss for an important client in the afternoon, have to finish today (takes half day to finish). Meanwhile, your other senior colleagues give u another task to be done today (how unlucky, why am I so junior?!), how do you deal with it? (explain to other colleague about the situation, try to ask to assign the less important task to other people, focus on the important one!)

  7. Situation: A time you spent whole week checking ur client’s docs, u felt really dull and repetitive. after u finish and prepared to leave the office on friday afternoon, ur boss called u to double check ur work (what a nice boss), which means spent another week to do. what would u do? (though I thought will leave the company in this case, but said i will do it to make sure we deliver the highest quality of work to clients in kpmg)

Tips: talk slowly and take time, search wikijob/ student room website, and good luck!