KPMG Launch Pad In Detail


Hey Jade! I have my launch pad coming up this week. Could you give me some information about the written report and the general structure of the day?
My email is Thank you!


Hi. I have my launchpad coming soon and would really appreciate if you could pls provide me with some insight into the group and written exercise. Thank you in advance @A.h


Hi. Hope your launchpad went great! I have mine coming up soo n and would really appreciate if you could provide me with some insight into the group and written exercise. Thank u in advance @Xudongmagical_D :blush:


Hi. Hope ur LP went great! Mine is coming up soon and this is my first timeas well to attend an AC. Would really appreciate if u could provide me with some insight into the group and written exercise. My email is thank u in advance @A_WA :blush:


Hi. I hope you went well. I was just wondering if you can provide me some overview on Group Discussion and report writing. This is my contact Will be thankful to you!


yeah, probably.


Hi Tony. I also have my KPMG LP coming up this month, and could you please give some insight about the process when you have time. Similar to you this is my first ever AC!

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi! I’ve been invited to launch pad for audit vacancy and preparing for it tensely. I would appreciate it so much if there is any advice or tips about the day especially about writing and interview. Thank you so much!!!


Can anyone point me towards this IE company analysis and report? Thanks


hello, hope you’re well.

please can you give me any tips for the report writing and group exercise


hey have you been able to receive some tips please?


hey please can you message me with highlights of what you included in the written report

thank youuuuuu

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Hey, not much actually before I attended mine. But I would suggest you manage your time in the writing assessment cus we just got a remind at the last 10 mins, if still helpful :slight_smile:



I have my Launch Pad interview next month and I would like to know if anybody attended can give me some tips, please? I heard that there will be a writing part and it is a bit challenging. Does anybody have IE company report that i can have a look at and prepare for it? I put my e-mail here in case anybody has it. Please, share your advice and help me to pass it. E-mail:

Thank you a lot in advance!!!



Have you gotten any tips/insights and don’t mind to share? I am attending mine soon too.Thanks!