KPMG Launch Pad In Detail



Got an offer from KPMG two days after attending the mysterious Launch Pad, couldn’t have done it without everyone on Wikijob. So I am returning the favour.

  1. Breakfast 8:00-10:00
    My official start time is 8:30, I arrived at 8:00. Everyone will wait in a room with breakfast and drinks provided.

  2. Welcome 10:00-10:40
    KPMG intro and welcome speech in a conference room. In the end, someone gave us an introduction about the background of the group exercises. No need to take notes because all the information was provided during the exercises.

  3. Group Exercises 10:40-11:40
    In each room, people were divided into about 6-7 groups, each with 5 members.
    The group exercises have five challenges. We were required to create an app to encourage recycling. Different assessors for each challenge.

First challenge, each member had 5 minutes to prepare their ideas about the app then have a 10 – 20 minutes (don’t remember how long exactly) discussion.
Second challenge, come up with an app name and description on app store.
Third Challenge, under instruction, using simple coding skills to create an official website. You will be required to find a picture/logo online for your website.
Fourth Challenge, consider what data you can collect from your app to improve customer experience and contribute commercial values.
Fifth Challenge, each of us was given a piece of paper with information about a new technology. We were required to discuss which technologies are good for the app.3 minutes presentation for a new assessor in the end.

  1. Lunch & Social 11:40-14:10
    Ok food and opportunity to mingle. After lunch back to the conference room and waited for instructions.
    Then to a room with staffs from different apartments to answer our questions.

  2. Partner Interview 14:10 – 14:40
    20 minutes partner interview, very relaxed environment, about 15 interviews going on at the same time in the same room, loud and quick, so keep your answers concise and on point. Also interviewers intended to dig deep into your answers so don’t make stuff up.
    The questions and most other candidates had were:
    How you liking it today?
    Why KPMG/the programme you applied?
    What do you think you will be doing during the early years at KPMG?
    What do you think a typical day at work will be like?
    Describe a time you were in a stressful situation and how you handled it?
    How do you manage your time?
    How to ensure delivering quality?
    Is there anything new you learnt about yourself today?
    (maybe) What news have you read about KPMG in the last 4 months?

  3. Written Report 14:40 – 16:00 (one hour writing)
    Exactly the same one on wikijob about analyzing a company called IE, its strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations.

  4. Wrap Up 16:00-17:00
    This made me like KPMG.
    Back to the conference room, we all had an African drum, with rastaman teaching us how to play. So in the end, 200 hundred people playing African drum on the same beats, perfect way to end the day.

Overall, interesting, efficient and fun. And you do get result within two days.


Very helpful! Thank you very much!
Just a quick query. In the other KPMG thread, someone mentioned that in the partner interview, they picked 4 behavioural capabilities randomly and asked questions on them. So do the Why KMPG and why this business stream type questions fall in that category?

Also for the report task is it worth purchasing prep materials on etray exercises for example?


What service line were you going for?


Technology Consulting


Thanks so much for the advice! I have mine on Tuesday and was just wondering where I can find the practice written report for analysing company IE? I’ve never done one before so would be really helpful to see what I’ll need to do.


Hey Awesomemily, thanks for the insight! Was everyone in your group of 5 from the same service line or was it a mix?


It’s a mix. There was no one in my group applying to my service line, although there were a few people with the same


Hi thankyou so much for ur input. Is it the same questions and format for every business area or was it specific to ures ? I have my assessment centre soon and any tips will be highly appreciated.


Awesome information! Thank you very much! I am wondering if candidates applied to different locations will be joining the Launch Pad in London? When I research on their website, there is no other Launch Pad events in any other cities!


I’m delighted to say that I’ve been given a place on the 2017 graduate scheme for KPMG!! The LaunchPad event was definitely not as stressful as other assessment days I’ve gone to - it’s an interview, report writing and group exercise. Feel free to message me if you would like any tips or any more info for the LaunchPad (or any other part of the recruitment process), I’d be delighted to help!




Hello this is Linda. I have a launch pad coming up. Is there any tips for the written part and the partner interview? My email address is
Thank you for your help in advance


Hey Jade, I have my launch pad coming up next week and wanted to know more about the group exercises and the interview questions you were asked? Was the group exercise the same… about developing an app?


Hi! Thank you for your sharing. I just got invited to a launch pad and I wonder if I need to prepare some coding skill before the launch pad? Also could you please tell some details about the written report, or where to find the material?


Hello Jade, congrats on your offer! I have a launch pad coming next week. Could you please give me some detailed info about the written part? Like what did you analyse and how deep it went?


Hi, Jade. Congratulation on your achievements. I am to have my Launch Pad soon, so I would really appreciate if you could give some of your insights. I am applying to Technology Consulting, and my email is Many thanks!


How different will the launch pad event be for the Sales and Marketing grad scheme? Will it be similar to Audit/Tax launch pad events?


Hi Jade, congratulations on your offer!! I have been invited to attend a launchpad event soon and I was wondering if you could maybe give me some tips or advice as to what I should prepare before hand. My email is , thank you!! :smiley:


Hi Navani, I have a launch pad event soon was wondering if you could give me any tips for the launch pad event. Also how did it go for you? My email address is


Hey ! Congratulations for securing a place at KPMG!
I have been invited for the launchpad event. I would be grateful if you could provide me tips and insight eapecially about report writing and interview. I have applied for audit department.
My is is
Your help would be highly appreciated !