KPMG Kenya Graduate Recruitment 2009



Don’t lose hope just yet. I am sure that it was not the final call


congrats to making it so far, was evicted at group stage(kpmg,SA), luckily managed to go all the way in Citi’s Graduate Program :-);


Congratulations to all of you who made it.

I managed to interview 3 of the Big 4 and got two offers which I am considering.
The interview process is mostly the same in all of the Big 4 but I would advise everyone to do a thorough research into the Line of service and the Firm which they have applied to.
Also, it is important to identify what you want in a career and get to put it across to the interviewers with utmost ease.

Bearing in mind that I am a fresh grad, money is the ONLY consideration at this point and I most certainly will be signing the PwC Kenya offer.

If you did not get in this time round, do not despair, take time to analyze your career goals and reposition yourself in a more strategic way in readiness for Grad Recruitment 2011



Don’t get worked up. Taxman has simply stated a fact. I’ve worked for 3 of the big 4’s in Kenya and the fact is PwC is the market leader IN kenya. The facts you’ve stated here are correct by all relate to KPMG firms in other countries. Just as it is a fact that EY is the lowest ranked of the big 4 in Kenya but the highest ranked in US. Now that you’ve joined the firm, you’ll confirm this for yourself. PwC earns the highest revenues and has the greatest visibility amongst clients (what KPMG used to call “recognition on first mention”).

In terms of work culture and people agenda, KPMG kenya was definitely at the top. I mean PwC Kenya fired a whole department during the credit crunch.

But the point is made… don’t get emotional about it…


… and now Deloitte is the largest accounting firm in the world in terms of revenues having beaten PwC in the 2010 financial year.


I’m not getting emotional about it. I’m just saying that it is premature and actually incompetent to gallivant about market leadership and all that jazz. There are no parameters to measure that and you really have to delve into serious subjective analyses to arrive at a determination one way or the other.

A new graduate needs a challenge, responsibility, technically astute colleagues, quality clientele, opportunities for self development and a chance at creating value. Whether some firm made this much revenues globally last year doesn’t matter.

Ever heard of a game called “mine is bigger than yours”? Usually, it’s the intellectually bankrupt who worry about it.


I always hope to work at KMPG


I’m graduating on December 2011 and i always hope to work at KPMG


No it is not premature to discuss market leadership. That is what business is about. “Mine is bigger than yours” is at the very core of business. You maybe right about the intellectually bankrupt being the only ones who worry about it… but that is the reason the intellectually endowed stay in campus and become lecturers in professors while the more competitive amongst us go into the real world and fight it out on Wall Street (or in your case - Standard street).

Look around you, how many managers has KPMG asked to resign (read fired) for not bringing in bigger revenues in the last 8 months. You might still be a KYM but once you break into management, you’ll learn why this is important.

Why is it important to a new graduate? Because market leadership also represents the quality of the challenge you’ve alluded to above. The biggest clients go for the market leaders first before considering anyone else. Ask around why people outside IT security consider Ernst and Young only after they’ve exhausted the other options. its coz you’ll end up working with small time clients == limited experience.


Hey all,
I did the aptitude for 2011 grad recruitment on 26th May n got an email last week confirming i’d been shortlisted for the Assessment Centre on June 23…
Fingers crossed n will keep you updated.
Anyone else goin for the same?


Congratulations Don. Me too same day and hope to see you there… Fingers crossed and getting knees sour.


Congratulations too Essie…most definitely will see you there…N may we be in the same group :-P.

See you then.

Is there anyone else going for the same???


I hope like mnkuria you two document your experiences for the future graduates like me who hope to go through the process in a years time.


Hi guyz! going for the assessment too! except that i go on 22nd seemingly am the only one. Anyone on the same group as i?
Advice, the aptitude test was quite challenging but we made it. Other stages will be the same and still we’ll make it through the key word here, team spirit.
Wish you all the best.


Lol got the date confusion again… KPMG is really gatting me on my toes…FNjamie what time are you scheduled for? they`d said 2.00pm for me but called me today confirming a change to 3.00pm kesho…u???Don too bad but will let you know what to expect there


FNJamie n Essy all the best kesho seems am the only one for Thursday…oh n kesho there is another friend of mine,Faith,u guys do ua very best…@Imogen,we’l keep u posted…as far as we go that is.


Here is my kpmg graduate recruitment kenya 2011 experience

This was done at kicc and was made up of two tests.
The first was divided into 3 parts ie verbal reasoning,numerical reasoning and logical reasoning. The last part was figuring out the next pattern or figure from a given series. The time given was 1 hour.

a five minute break was the given then the next test was given. It was a critical reasoning test/ test of productive thinking. In this test you are given various scenarios and are given five minutes for each scenario to write down what actions you would take in such a situation.

This was done at KPMG offices Lonrho House
It was composed of three parts: The first is an intray exercise where you are given various workplace situations and you are to prioritise them ie decide how you would categorise them in order of priority. The time given was 12 minutes.

The 2nd part was a mini presentation. I call it mini it only lasts three minutes. you are given a topic to talk about and three minutes in which to do this eg tell us in three minutes about your greatest achievement (or sth like that) could also ask abt ur passion, what you would do if you were president, current affairs etc. you have an audience of about 10 people.

The third part is the group assesment whereby you are divided into groups of about 8 and are given a topic to discuss. In my group the issue was about an audit that you carried out and the client is disputing the findings. we were split into 2 groups of 4 each where one group was the client and the other the audit firm with each group in a different room where you had to come up with your arguements. this lasted 15 mins then the two groups were then brought together to argue out their cases. this also lasted for fifteen minutes. in both sessions there were assesors seated around the room observing.

after the assesment centre (abt one and a half wks later) . There was briefing whereby we got to choose the business unit we would like to work in and got to ask any questions that we had so far.

This was about a week after the briefing. the panel was 2 managers and a hr person. it lasted abt 30-45 mins. questions asked included how would you describe your experience in high school/ uni? if you had to do over the 4 yrs what would you do differently? what do you do in your freetime ie hobbies, wht is kpmgs vision/mission? why did you choose a particular bz uni(during the briefing), what would you do if your giving a powerpoint presentation to an important client and there was power outage/ blackout? what are your strengths,what are your weaknesses, etc you are also given a chance to ask questions.

This was also at kpmg offices. the panel was 2 partners and the hr manager. It lasted about 20-30 mins. questions asked included tell us about yourself,who are the three most influencial people in your life?,what has been the greatest/happiest moment of your life?, what has been the lowest point of your life? if you were in another life what qualities would you wish to have then that you dont have now, what qualities would you wish to drop and what qualities would you wish to keep? if you meet a person for the first time what do you tell them about yourself? what is your vice? why should we hire you? what has been the single defining moment of your life? etc. You are also given a chance to ask a question.


I started this thread back in 2009 when I was trying out for a graduate trainee position at KPMG. So an update almost 10 years later. I am now in my mid 30s. I left KPMG after around 2.5 years and joined Deloitte. Basically I was poached from KPMG. I left Deloitte in 2015 and went to the private sector. I am presently a director in a global organisation in charge of operations in 43 countries.

It has been an exciting journey and I wouldn’t do anything differently. KPMG gave me a chance, a start and the right training. For that I am grateful.


Amazing, how was it in Kenya?


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