KPMG Kenya Graduate Recruitment 2009



Between PwC Kenya, Deloitte and KPMG Kenya, who would rate higher and for what reasons? salary wise, work life balance and career development.


How do you apply to KPMG Kenya? do you send your C.V as inline text or do you attach a copy of the same? Thanks.


hey, hope you get this in time, am sitting for the KPMG aptitude test this saturday June 12, any pointers etc


This forum has been helpful. I attended group assessment last week. Just hopn 4 the best.


Roughly how many graduates do each of the Big 4 hire in Kenya? I know PwC in the UK hire 1,000 - 1,300 each year - but I don’t imagine hiring is to this level in Africa?


PwC will hire the most, around 30 - 40 in Kenya alone, adding up to 300-400 across Africa Central .Deloitte will hire 15 - 20 in Kenya. Am not sure about KPMG but PwC is the market leader in the region.


Hi taxman08, might I ask how you have arrived at the conclusion that PwC is the market leader in the region? What criteria have you used? That insinuates you have an intimate knowledge of the operations of the other firms which is doubtable. Nobody has that knowledge.

I don’t want to get into the details of who’s bigger than who or who is hiring the most people and you shouldn’t either. Such considerations are mischievous, irrelevant and purely academic. An intellectual fraud that you should not participate in. The kind of thing you shouldn’t waste your time on.

But the facts speak for themselves:

  1. KPMG was rated one of the top 10 companies for working mothers by Working Mother Magazine.

  2. KPMG ranked No. 56 on Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, voted for by employees.

  3. KPMG ranks No. 5 out of 125 among companies with the best training programs according to “Training Magazine”.

  4. KPMG was the preferred employer among the Big Four accounting firms according to College

  5. KPMG was also ranked No.4 on the list of “50 Best Places to Launch a Career” in 2009 according to BusinessWeek

  6. In 2008 KPMG was named the best big company to work for by The Times. This was the fourth consecutive year that KPMG has made the top three winning three times in that four years.

  7. In 2008 when the global markets collapsed and some firms we know but cannot mention in the interest of good taste and professionalism laid off many of their staff and closed departments, KPMG introduced programme known as ‘Flexible Futures’. This allowed staff to volunteer to give the firm the option to either send them on a sabbatical at 30% pay for up to 12 weeks, or to reduce their working hours to 4 days a week. The option ensured that lay offs were suspended.

  8. KPMG was named one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and was featured in Maclean’s newsmagazine.

  9. KPMG was also named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers, which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper…

And we could go on and on and on but I’m sure you get the point.

KPMG is a people friendly place where employees matter, your learning and development is unrivalled and where “respect to the individual” is not just a cliche conveniently placed on the mission statement just behind the receptionist to impress the visitor but an active value that is in practise at all times.

Dear Constant Reader, Friends and Neighbours, what matters to you is your own career development. And in all honesty and having had acquaintances with people from across the Big Four world, KPMG is where you’ve got to be. “KPMG is where it’s all at”, as you young 'uns would say. I would actually stake my current and future professional reputation on the fact that “KPMG is happening”

Cheers and looking forward to seeing you…


I must agree with you mnkuria 59, though i didnt manage to get in again this year, i must say that my former colleagues while in school say KPMG has the best working culture ever. When the recruitment started sometime this year, enough of my friends encouraged me to go after KPMG since it was the best place to be at. The mentorship is amazing professionally and socially. The corporate social responsibility is exceptional and fulfilling. On the working mother’s rating, i couldn’t agree more, a colleague of mine got pregnant and she got her maternity leave well, in advance. There are many many other positive things i could say.
Am still hopeful that one day i will get in though it wont be the graduate level as my time is out.


Hi Everyone,

mnkuria59 >> Thank you so much for posting your experience during the hiring process at KPMG. Im glad you made it and i sincerely wish you a great career at the company. This post is so useful and i wish i could have read this post earlier on. Nonetheless, i have so far managed to secure a managerial interview this Thursday morning at their Lornho Hse. Offices.
I would kindly ask you to help me out in the preparation as i have this one shot which i must make the best out of it…i really want to join KPMG…sincerely i do.
How many managers will be interviewing you based on your past experience and if possible can you kindly provide me with some of the questions and answers as how you handled each…this is not only for me but everyone who has an invite as i wish everyone success…

Thank you.


Thanks all. Commando, you will find sample questions at the top of the page. I however do not know how the interviews will be this year but look at the interview as a conversation between you and the managers not as an interrogation. The questions do not matter. What matters is who you are as a person. As always, be guided by the KPMG values. Cheers


mnkuria59 >> Thanks alot. I will do my best and i will notify you on the progress. KPMG never goes wrong for sure. They take the best and surely you are one. Cheers.


mnkuria59 >> Thanks alot. I will do my best and i will notify you on the progress. KPMG never goes wrong for sure. They take the best and surely you are one. Cheers.


mnkuria59 >> Thanks alot. I will do my best and i will notify you on the progress. KPMG never goes wrong for sure. They take the best and surely you are one. Cheers.


lol lol seems i didnt make it coz its been a month since i participated in the group assessment & no communication from kpmg yet! It was a gr8 experience tho. kudos to all who went thru (includin commando).


mnkuria59>> I did the managerial interview but unfortunately i did not manage. Thanks alot for your help and all the best in your career. Now i back to the drawing board as i look for another job as i had high hopes in KPMG. Thanks a lot once again.

ppman>>Sorry i did not make it through but life must go on. I did Comp. Sci and getting a job is challenging…all the best in your endeavours and thanks for having wished me well.


Hey guys poleni sana. Am sure you did well but competition is quite high and we cannot dispute that. Am sure you will pata other places equally good if not better.
I wish you well in your endeavors and keep trying…you never know.


molly85>>Thanks. Keep us posted.


what is the main purpose of the partner"s interview?i’d like to thank mnkuria for the great advice and the updates.


Thanks mnkuria. I got a call on monday confirmimg that i passed the partners interview! I wouldn’t have done it without wikijob. so thanks a lot


so i guess i dint make it was in for the partners interview on thrday but havent recieved any call.they said latest 20th but av already lost are very lucky