KPMG Kenya Graduate Recruitment 2009



As there’s little on the site regarding the application process for the KPMG Kenya (East Africa) recruitment process, I will post my experiences here hopefully for posterity. I have been contacted by KPMG Kenya and invited to write an aptitude test on 23 May 2009 at Nairobi. Right now I am just preparing for the same. Since I work with PKF during the day and I am still studying fior my bar exam as well as the June ACCA exams I am preparing over my lunch hour. I don’t know how the test will be set out but once I write it, I’ll post my experiences here. The recruitment process here might be a bit different from that in Europe or other countries. Tell you how it goes. Anyone else writing the same is most invited to share their experiences.


This will be facinating - WikiJob will follow this very closely and create a wiki page for “KPMG Kenya” also.

Thanks so much - and good luck!


I attended the aptitude test. It was in two sessions. The first session was the usual aptitude test but this was the hardest that I have written so far. There were three sections i.e Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and critical reasoning. The verbal reasoning section contained some vocabularies for us to elucidate (30 Qs) the numerical section contained 30 Qs while the Critical reasoning contained some 10 problems. The critical reasoning part was the last and it had 10 questions bringing the total number of questions to 70. The time allowed to complete the test was exactly 1 hour so needless to say, I did not answer all of the questions.

The second test was problem based and it contained 3 Qs each of which was a passage about a business (fictitious, of course :P) and you were supposed to read it in a minute, define the problem being faced by the business in 3 minutes and list possible solutions in 5 minutes and then rate these solutions according to a risk, effectiveness and ease of implementation. you were also supposed to indicate which of the solutions you thought was most effective. I enjoyed this test as it allowed me to think outside the box.

Nonetheless, we’ll see how it goes in two weeks time. Fingers crossed


Good news on the aptitude test front. I was informed last friday that I had passed the aptitude test and would be proceeding to the Group Assessment stage. The notification was vide SMS so if you get an SMS telling you the same do not think that it is a hoax.

Today I attended the Group assessment but since they are still going on, I’ll post the details later to avoid giving anyone an undue advantage :wink:


Good news on the aptitude test front. I was informed last friday that I had passed the aptitude test and would be proceeding to the Group Assessment stage. The notification was vide SMS so if you get an SMS telling you the same do not think that it is a hoax.

Today I attended the Group assessment but since they are still going on, I’ll post the details later to avoid giving anyone an undue advantage :wink:


I will discuss the group assessment stage as I experienced when I attended the exercise a month ago. Basically, recruits are arranged in groups of ten and each group is invited for a 30 minute brainstorming session. The group is given a task such as an event to plan and a problem which should be factored into the planning, such as a delay in supply of services. The assessors are situated around the room and assess the performance of the recruits as far as participation and teamwork goes as well as the creativity and originality of the individual’s ideas. Thereafter, one group member presents the group’s final agenda to the entire group of recruits and assessors. The key is proper time management as there is a time constraint and recruits run the risk of running out of time as they discuss the issues presented. Participation is also crucial but one has to strike a delicate balance so as not to be domineering and overshadow other group members.


Thanks Koi for sharing. Okay, that sounds like something from Auditors Anonymous :-P. Anyhow, I passed the group assessment and was invited for the manager’s interview which I attended yesterday. On the group assessment, I would say that it is important to be guided by the KPMG values e.g respect to the individual, always seeking the facts, challenging assumptions, interrogating the facts and providing insight, leading by example etc. You really have to project a team working ability and don’t be afraid to propose solutions that probably sound weird to you. All novel approaches do sound a bit…er…out of this world. W e had a team member propose that we charter a Cessna 57 AND USE IT AS A CLIMAX FOR A CORPORATE DAY OUT!!! Never mind the fact that we’d need an air strip and the plane can only take 9 or so people and it was not in the budget. He got through and was invited for the manager’s interview.

Now the manager’s interview: It was competency based. I would say that it included the following styles:

  1. Stress interviewing: To see how well you can handle pressure. An audit firm is the most stressing environment you’ll probably work in so it’s important for them to see what stuff you’re made of. I really can’t emphasize this enough. If you can’t handle stress or working for more than 10 hours a day and on weekends then an audit firm is really not the most optimal career choice. Expect your views to be challenged during the interview, silence at the end of your answers, raised eyebrows as if you are the dumbest specimen they’ve ever seen and your academic or professional history critically analysed. Don’t take it personally.

  2. Behavioural Interviewing: The panel asked questions designed to determine how you have acted in past situations. Questions like Tell me of an instance when you needed to persuade others. When you acted as a leader. When you failed to meet your objectives? When you had to help a colleague. Tell me of a time when you had to take initiative. The object here is to get to really know you. Common knowledge has it that past performance is really an indicator of future performance. But don’t go quoting me on that since the contrary may also be the case. The point is, you have to provide justification for your assertions. If you claim to be goal oriented then say what experiences have led you to this self awareness. It is not too much to ask I think.

  3. Situational Interviewing: This is where the panel wants to know how you would handle certain circumstances. They want to know whether you can think on your feet. They also want to assess your ethical depth. I was asked the following questions: What would you do if midway through a powerpoint presentation to an important client, the power went off? What would you do if you noticed that a colleague’s work was shoddy one hour to the submission deadline? Ask for an extension? Cry? Blame the credit crisis? I dunno…your pick.

That’s just about it. I get to know the results of that interview in 2 weeks time and until then, friends and neighbours, it’s fingers crossed.


Good news on the manager’s interview. I was informed that I passed and have been invited to the partner’s interview coming friday. I applied to get into forensic and corporate restructuring. Figured that my legal background would enable me to fit right into the function. We’ll see how it goes. I have also always been deeply fascinated and interseted in forensic work so I think that if I’m successful, I’ll definitely enjoy my work. As always, fingers crossed.


Great news!!! I received confirmation that I passed the partner’s interview and they are giving me an offer. I will be getting the contract documents on monday. The partner’s interview was post poned twice and I understood coz in a busy firm, you expect time to be an issue. But when I went for the interview, the entire session was actually very interactive and enjoyable. The partner was very warm as was the HR Director who sat in. It wasn’t very structured or rigid and it was about getting to know me as a person. I was asked such questions as Why KPMG? Why should I hire you? Have you ever sold anything? Have you ever been conned? This is risky work, why still want to be in it? etc. Cheers and success. I got into Forensics and Corporate Restructuring.


CONGRATULATIONS! I have been earnestly following your proceedings. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences they have given me an insight into the interviews. KPMG is my dream company and I look forward to the interviews though I have not graduated yet. I wish you all the best in your new job.


sounds good.maybe i can apply there.thoug am into chemicals,i just want a ‘curious’ kind of job as i love finding out things-and good at it too


wow,nice nku


what do you study lisaox?


I particularly don’t care about the partner’s character or his womanising allegations. Part of being a professional is not caring about such triffles. Secondly, I am only interested in acquiring skills and diversifying my competencies. In any case, if your partner doesn’t work in Forensic, anything that he purports to know about the partner is second hand and hear say. Anyhow, I start in October and will see how it goes. In which function is your friend?


feli, i studied biochemistry at am in kenya visiting and was thinkin i could stay,so am kind of lookn for a place.

Oh,Nkuri, din mean to get you worked up girl! deleted, freinds now?my partner is auditing




Sure Ken Thanx a lot for tha info pal.


Hi. i’m in Kenya and finishing my bcom course this december. will also be finishin my cpa exams the same time. are there any trainee vacancies at kpmg kenya and if so how do i apply?


Thanks to mnkuria 59 for the detailed experience.I really wsh you well.
Ken,thanks again also.Did you also get in?
KPMG is also a dream employer to me and i would like to get in again.Kinly mnkuria,could you let us know when recruitment starts next year and how you submit the initial applications.Thanks in advance.


thanks guys…this is very usefull info av been contacted by kpmg about this years recruitment so cross ur fingers and pray for me…the long process starts in late April and i will definetly use this helpfull info!!!