KPMG - Jan 09 start dates


Does anyone know if people who have accepted KPMG offers (from last year) for start in January 2009 - have actually begun? i.e. did they start at the beginning of january or do they start at the end of january this year?


I would have thought it would be towards the end of Jan. There’d be a bit of work to catch up on after Christmas and my guess is that newbies would clutter things up a bit… anyone?


KPMG do Jan start dates? For which area, audit or tax??


Yeah I can confirm there are January start dates, as I am starting with KPMG in Jan 2010.


joyrevision - do you know when the exact start date is? is it at beginning or end of jan?


When I emailed KPMG asking about January start dates they sent back the following:
"Dear Tom,

Apologies for the delay in replying. We only offer a summer start date,
so we will start recruiting for 2010 between July and September 2009.

Kind regards
Graduate Recruitment"

joyrevision - What service line and office are you starting work with in 2010?


Not got a specific date, won’t until about 6 weeks before starting. I’m doing Tax.


thb they said the exact same thing when I called them up! But they obviously do Jan start dates…Whats the point in them lying? lol.


it depends on their offices. london don’t have jan start dates whereas some regional ones do.


I don’t really think its lying per se, its probably budgetary decisions which’ve shifted start dates back into 2010 etc.