KPMG Ireland - Similarities?


I have an assessment centre for KPMG Ireland next week.

I’ve noticed that the process seems to be different than that for KPMG UK. There is no 1st interview.

Just an assessment day which consists of one 30 minute ‘Business Exercise’ and two 45 minute interviews. Then you either get an offer or you don’t.

However there is alot less information online about the process for KPMG Ireland. Has anyone here ever dealt with them? Or can anyone hazard a guess at which ways they would be similar?

Im very interested in what the 30 minute business exercise is. It says no preparation is required for this before the day. Does this mean it can’t be a presentation? And is 30 minutes too short to be the E - tray exercise??

Any help/ opinions would be welcome!


Hi misterme,

I noticed that no-one responded to this question which is disappointing. I am in the same situation as you were in, and am now hoping that you could share your experience with me as I am assuming you attended the assessment day?

The difference between the recruitment process in the UK compared to Ireland is very different and I am struggling to find the necessary information on the KPMG Ireland website also.

Like you, I am concerned about the business exercise and unsure about how to prepare effectively. Do you mind me asking what yours involved?

Also, do you recommend any useful sites to practice the e-tray as I think this type of exercise is again different from those sat in the UK companies?

Lastly I have been told to expect their questions to mainly focus around my application and to expand on the answers I gave there. However, I am wondering about what other questions to expect and what type of interview technique to expect? For example did you get asked competency style questions? or just normal interview questions?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards