KPMG interviews


Hi guys

I have an assessment day coming up with KPMG and I was wondering, will the interview questions be based on the results of the PAPI questionnaire? I have recieved feedback inforamtion result based on the the choice I made when I completed the questionnaire. If there are areas which I was not so strong in for example leadership, will the interviewer ask many questions on this competency? If anyone has any expereience of interviews at KPMG, I would greatly appreiciate your feedback.

Thank you


you may be asked questions like these
By the way when are you having your assessment at KPMG and for what role?

I am having my assessment at KPMG on Tuesday 25th Nov at Canary Wharf for Audit.


from my experience, the partner only asked me 3 competency questions and they were pretty straight forward. there was no mention of the questionnaire.
i got lost in their building at canary wharf when i went for my ac. got in everyone’s way as well! those lifts are so confusing!


What storey is their office located at ???, 1 Canada square is somewhat 50 storey tall … I also get confused in crowded areas on assessment/exam times… gotta control on nerves!!