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I’ve got an interview with KPMG next week and whilst doing some interview preparation, I stumble across the question " which company do you believe has the potential to grow and why?
I am really struggling with this question and I was just wondering whether anyone could help me as to how to answer this question! cheers:)


What company you choose is less important as to the reasons you chose it; i.e. you could choose your uncle’s bakery shop if you wanted, or a big multinational.

A question like this is really asking, do you understand how a business fits in with its market place, and what factors affect the performance of a business.

For example, a bakery might be able to grow because it started producing a special kind of organic bread you just can’t buy at supermarkets.

A good itnernational example would be copper companies. Copper is used massively in technology, and as China is currently in the process of industrialising and technologising itself, the demand for copper has shot through the roof, so this is a potential market for a copper company to expand in.

If you have any ideas post them in the forum and we’ll critique them!


Thank you very much for the advice.

I was thinking of an online gaming company, that has expanded greatly in the last couple of years. Using the same arguments for successes of other free online companies, i.e. facebook, where huge and still increasing number of internet users attract advertisements to be put up on these websites.
I believe these kind of companies have the potential only to grow as long as it watches out for its competitors.
Any thoughts?


I think you should be careful. Online gaming companies are at extreme risk of changing government legislation. This happened in the USA just recently where online gambling was outlawed, resulting in the collapse of a collapse of a large number of companies and a number of directors being arrested; in other words, the future could be more easily argued as being bleak rather than fruitful for online gambling.

You are probably better off arguing about a more traditional business- remember, the partners who you will be interviewing with will be much older than you and their understanding of the internet, technology and facebook will not be as good as that of our generation, so you must stick to what they know!

Sorry to put a downer on it but that’s my honest opinion! If you have any other ideas, do post them though!


I had a graduate level interview with KPMG a few days ago. It lasted 45 mins, and then there was Q&A. I was asked some questions that you have to answer with specific EXAMPLES (social will be preferred).

Some questions were:
-Desbribe a time when you worked in a team?(testing teamwork)
(as you go along, she/he will come up something like)
-if a memeber disagree with you, how did you handle that? What was the outcome? (testing leadership)
-if you tasks have become a daily routine, how would you keep youself motivated? (testing resilience)
-describe a current issue in the business world?
-give me an example of a company that you believe has the potential to grow and why?

To the last two, you’d better talk about businesses, not capital markets. I don’t think people at KPMG would care that much about capital markets.


I agree with you on that.

Capital markets is a better discussion topic at a bank rather than at an accountancy firm.



Might be a bit late but I went for Ikea and they seemed to really like it. I also ended up using it for my partner presentation at final round and got through. It was easy as I’d been recently and I could go on about loads of potential improvements - increase presence in existing countries instead of cont overseas expansion, roll out online sales, diversify eg. Ikea central city stores focussing on smaller homeware. Also I think it’s important to say why you feel these things would help your company grow. If it’s first interview they aren’t expecting massive detail as lots of people (like me!) didn’t know it would be asked… Really good luck!!


Definately. That’s exactly he kind of business that would make a good example in interview!

Anything similar, especially retail stuff, would be well suited to interview questions. I used M&S at the time I think.


Could you use an example that was a really small company they were unlikely to know well? For example, if you had your own small business that you thought had potential to grow…

…is this a good idea or a bad idea?!


Definately don’t talk about your own business. You will not be permitted to have your own business and work at KPMG simultaneously and will instantly end your application.

You can talk about a small business like your auntie’s bakery or something, so long as your points are well thought out.


Hi All,
I have to attend a KPMG assessment centre and i can’t make up my mind reg. the company to present. Any suggestion about the selection criteria to use would be great.
more specifically, would you rather choose a company which is having trouble and propose ways to improve the business or do you think it is fine to go for a company doing quite well and presenting ideas of dvpt which actually are already being implemented by the company? do the ideas have to be very realistic and detailed or can they be “big orientation” for the business (which may require years before getting near to implementation)?
tks a lot for your advice.


Hi Claire

A friend of mine had an assessment day with KPMG last year (although this was for Corporate Finance) …

The feedback from my friend was that it doesn’t greatly matter whether the company you pick is doing well or not, the most important thing is to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the company (e.g. market it operates in, competitors and the customers they serve) and based on this, to logically present your ideas be it entering new markets / launching new products / withdrawing from markets etc. In terms of your ideas / recommendations, I think you would be able to differentiate yourself if you presented both big picture and implementation related thoughts - I would imagine KPMG to be expecting more big picture ideas from grads (who are unlikely to have had the relevant experience to discuss implementation related issues), so to balance between the two would put you in an advantageous position.

The best of luck and let us know how you get on!



I agree, I wouldn’t worry too much about which company. Choose one you’re actually interested in and you understand the business of. I think I mentioned in an earlier post but I did Ikea and chose it just because I’d been there a lot (moving house) and had all these ideas of ways they could improve. I think it is good to come up with some creative, interesting ideas to make them enjoy listening and talking about it. I spoke about implementation at the end of mine: I spoke about 5 ideas and then explained how I would prioritise them and how realistic they were to actually go with. (They really like you to mention "if I could just choose 1…). Also I tried to say an idea and then follow with why that would improve the company. One idea on companies is to choose a company that is seasonal eg. Thorntons do v well at Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc but less at summer. They’ve recently expanded into icecreams but they could go for milkskakes/cafes or something… Try not to give ideas that are already done. One more thing I’d say is that the whole point is really to see you can talk in an engaging, interesting, confident way for 10 mins. The questions at the end of mine were pretty easy. Good luck, I’m sure it’ll be fine - I enjoyed mine!!


I would say, try Retail industry. especially department stores having been hit by the low customer spending last christmas, now they face a lot of challenge.
choose from Harrods, John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser… and present ideas that help boom the business in the coming years and present ideas that help the company to lead in the industry. they are now in a fierce competition.
I know pretty much about HOF and if you need any assistance pm me.
goood luck


tks a lot for all your suggestions. that’s very nice of you… and yeah, will need good luck! :wink:


Remember to let us know how it goes and that contributions to the wiki’s are greatly appreciated!!



HEy aLL!! First off, congrats to anyone who managed to get a position at KPMG!

I was fast tracked to their AC and was thinking of using Primark as the company with growth potential.

Areas of conversation would be:
-introducing plus size range
-introducing clothing to target different cultures in the UK
-developing online store
-continue expansion globally

any further recommendations or tips or critiques?

much appreciated!!


Hi, Shahhum,

I have my AC coming up too.
Where is yours being held and when?