KPMG Interview 2015



Ello ello,

Could anyone shed any light on how they answered the scenario questions for the KPMG phone interview, It is something that is really worrying me.






Recently completed my phone interview for a KPMG Advisory stream and passed, so hopefully can help you with the situational qs

I had the opportunity of doing a couple of practise interviews, and in the feedback they mentioned to be specific about what exactly YOU would do

One of my questions was centred around how I would manage multiple projects with varying deadlines: some short term, some long term, some which you don’t have enough information on and were unsure about

I first stated that I would clarify the information on the project which was unclear. Then plan accordingly for each project’s time frame making sure you progress in each area at a good rate, looking for feedback from your mentors along the way to check progress.

Again regardless of what the question is, my advice would be to make sure you answer with what EXACTLY you would do rather than what GENERALLY you would do. “Making sure I stay on top of things” vs “Keep a word document detailing progress in each area” is a noticeable difference!

Hope this helps


hi naz,

what specific scenarios are you looking for?i just had my interview last week. please free to ask me anything.



anyone any idea on how to answer the question - How would I handle a junior member of the team openly criticising my presentation technique in-front of an important client?
really confused…


From my point of view- You will politely thank him for raising the question. I would ask him that I would be happy to discuss this matter after the meeting to further explore this matter.


This answer is terribly wrong. Criticism from a colleague should not be swept under the carpet in front of a client - this will only raise concerns in them. You should deal with this openly and in a friendly manner on the spot. These are also the values KPMG embraces: openness, honesty and integrity.


I am having my interview soon. Could you expand on what questions you were asked and any advice you would give to someone who is going to take the interview soon ?


hello how did your interview go can you give me insight as to how you answered some of your questions. my interview is tomorrow. thANKS


Hi everyone, I have an Assessment Centre coming up on 15th July with KPMG and wanted some help with online practice.
I have to do an in-tray exercise on the day, where you have to prioritise different emails and voicemails etc and wandered if anyone had a log in for a practice site to try online? I’ve seen some sites that offer this service but I can’t really afford to sign up for this at the moment.
I have signed up for to practice the numerical and verbal tests and am willing to share this log in.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance,


Hi Lara,

I’m just waiting for a decision on my partner interview that I had last month so thought I could shed some light on the KPMG in-tray, though I don’t have any online log-ins :slight_smile: I actually didn’t practise the in-tray exercises beforehand as I kept reading that it is difficult to prepare, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t worry too much. Most other members of my assessment hadn’t done any either and we found them fine.

Just stay relaxed and although notifications will continue to pop up as you working on one email or task, just focus on the one at hand and do the best you can. I even had to leave one at the end because I didn’t have enough time, but they are looking at the quality here, as well as ensuring you have all the competencies they have outlined. The questions themselves are fairly straightforward, so as long as you can manage your time and devote your best answer to each task/email/voicemail I’m sure you’ll be fine! I know that wasn’t what you were looking for but I hope it alleviated some stress – I was incredibly anxious beforehand so hopefully this calms any nerves! Good luck!


Hi Allie,
Thank you for you repl, very kind of you.
I just had a couple of questions if that’s ok. So if you were in the middle of a task would you ignore notifications about other tasks until you had completed your current one? Only because I read that some tasks have to be completed in a set amount of time and wouldn’t want to miss anything? Also did you organise the tasks by subject, date/time they came in? from the level of impportance you gave to it i.e if it was from a manager/client as opposed to a colleague?or just from top to bottom?
Many thanks in advance and good luck with your partner interview! Which scheme are you applying for? I am for the Marketing Graduate scheme starting September this year.



Hi Lara, not a problem. Yes, that’s what I did. You can do the timed ones first if you like, however, the timing only starts once you open that notification and begin. I personally didn’t organise the tasks by perceived levels of importance; I had read from previous threads that the voicemails were the easiest (I agree) and the emails were a bit more difficult. There is some data analysis in the emails (tables, charts, etc – pretty straightforward) but just a heads up that they aren’t just replies. I used the written email response as a chance to showcase my communication skills and customer service, so if you’re good at writing and synthesising information that’s a good opportunity! :slight_smile: The notifications will likely show up at the bottom of your screen (kind of like a Mac set-up) so you can choose in the order that you prefer.

I had my partner interview on the 17th, just anxiously waiting now! :slight_smile: I’ve applied for Technology Consulting for this year, thank you! Best of luck for your centre!


Hi Allie, great thanks so much for the advice. Such a long time to wait for a response, I hope you get a good result. Can I just ask one more question. What kind of thing did people wear to their assessment day. I have a grey dress thats quite smart and conservative which I could wear with a cardigan but don’t want to be less smart than everyone else there!


Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the type of thing people wore – I think a grey dress with a cardigan would be perfect! I wore a black shift dress with a suit blazer and heels; the other girls wore along the same lines: a skirt and button-up with a cardigan or suit blazer. You should be good to go; best of luck!


Delivering quality –
What do I think I will be doing in my first year of audit –
What are the reasons why I have chose audit –
Some of the negative things of audit -
Why have I chose KPMG, what research have I done that interested me –
Company that is doing well currently –
What problems will they face in the future –
A time when I’ve delivered excellent customer service to someone -
When was a time I delivered quality project –
Some problems I faced in this project –
Time when I managed to meet a tight deadline –
If you’re in a project with 4 members with all different types of data how I would tackle this –

These are all the questions I got asked bar one of two I think I forgot for the Audit graduate position. You get asked some scenario questions and what you would do in a certain situation.


hi, just want to know how long you got the result after the phone interview ?