KPMG Internship Interview (Audit)


Hey guys, recently passed the e-tray and have an interview with KPMG now. I was wondering if people could post me the questions KPMG ask you during the internship interview. Also in the email they sent me, they listed five competencies which i will be assessed on the day. These are

Making an Impact
Building Relationships
Drive and Resilience
Business Focus
Career Motivations

Looking at previous threads, they seemed to ask you about leadership aswell. Any help will be much appreciated!!! THanks in advance!!!


They’ll ask you for EXPERIENCES. In other words, you will need to give examples of times when you have demonstrated those competencies- e.g. when have you had to build relationships? have you worked as a salesman or with customers? have you had to work in a team with others to reach a common goal? these things all count as building relationships.

You should prepare at least 2 examples for each competency as there is a good chance you will have to talk about both!